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  1. I made the original post in 2010 and no one posted anything recently until you did, Catwoman on 8/2/12; then after several other people posted, I responded to Photo Ninjan on 8/4/2012. You made the comment: (I'd also like to let you know that, on this forum, it's considered pushy to bump your own thread every few minutes.) Is that aimed at me since I started this thread? I never bumped up the thread. I made the initial post, then after getting inquiries from people who wanted to buy them, I posted that they were sold and then this most recent post. If I’m not understanding something here, please let me know. Also, I’ve been a member for two years—is that ‘new’?
  2. I think it was a monthy club type of thing. My dad also collects National Geographic Magazines. No one seems to want those either.
  3. Do you think there is there a market for the old Reader’s Digest condensed books? A family member has dozens from the 50’s, 60’s and 80’s. Just wondering it’s worth trying to sell them.
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