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  1. Can't resist: Something ***really l-o-n-g*** so that the concept is no longer scary: Student's choice: These spring to mind: Herodotos; Histories Tolsoy; War & Peace Melville; Moby Dick ~Moira
  2. That pretty much covers it. She's had a lot of training about how to approach sensitive topics and had expected others to be as well versed. It came as quite a shock to hear "we..." when it was pretty clearly not an inclusive "we". If I recall the particular discussion was about First Peoples rights. As a side note, dd1 sent dh poll data from the National Post that clearly shows Canadians can agree on some thing. :D ~Moira
  3. Hi Cleo Maybe this is what dd2 needs for intro to Canadian Studies @ McGill. Can you get it to me tomorrow? No, that's fine. She wouldn't have time to follow it anyway. :001_smile: Seriously, she is so dismayed/swamped. Yes, she's Canadian but she doesn't feel it when everything the other students say starts with "We..." and it isn't anything she agrees with -- if she even remembers that she's heard of it before. You can check out the syllabus here: Intro to Canadian Studies Hope things are going well for you ~Moira
  4. I assigned this to my dd in 12th grade last year. It was a *very* powerful read and she is glad that she read it. However, it was hard as Paul was her own age and just on the cusp of moving from his family to the world -- that seemed to hit her very strongly. Although it can be assigned for late middle/early high school, I think its impact is unlikely to be felt in such a visceral way. jmho ~Moira
  5. Well Done! Good luck with the Board! ~Moira
  6. Audio versions are great. Before Ian McKellen voiced the Odyssey, Derek Jacobi voiced an abridged Iliad. The publishers didn't think there was a market for an unabridged version. It is well done, the excised portions are well documented and 'covered' by a female voice giving a synopsis. As to being incapable as a science person to handle these, nobody now believes me when I tell them I majored in science -- they all assume literature because I'm so, well, 'literate.' ~Moira
  7. Congratulations to you both! What's up next for you both? ~Moira
  8. Both dds have the Vista Voyager Lite Tripod. hth ~Moira
  9. Thanks, I will have 2 there as of the end of August, but just for the one year; dd1 will graduate summer 2013. McGill and Dalhousie have been very easy to work with regarding admissions, I'm sure the external courses helped. McGill has been a wonderful fit for dd1, I hope it will prove the same for dd2. ~Moira
  10. Just came back from an admitted students event at McGill w/dd2. She's ready! Colleen, you can do it!!!! ~Moira
  11. dd1 just came home on Thursday. She'll be here for a couple of weeks and then returns to Montreal for June and possibly July. She is taking a summer reading course in Greek drama and also stage managing the Montreal Fringe production of Hippolytos -- this year's classics play. She also hopes to find more time to work on her French. Although she graduated in the class of 2010, she's now a senior as a result of credits for her APs. Next year will be busy, she's directing the annual classics play: Philoctetes in a new translation that the students are making. She's editor for the classics journal, VP events for the classics students association, and will also be applying to graduate school -- oh yes, she's also taking just a few courses :D ~Moira
  12. She took the course through Pennsylvania Homeschoolers. It has been a boat load of work, easily the most demanding time-wise of the AP courses she's taking this year (Biology, Calculus BC, and Macroeconomics). Her teachers have been very helpful and the online critiques have been most useful. She's learned a lot. That being said, it has been the hardest to manage at our end. You have to find a school that is willing to submit the portfolios for you -- not easy as it isn't a very commonly offered exam. I checked the AP course ledger. Only 7 schools in the UK have authorized AP courses, 2 (1 is a DOD school) offer Studio Art: Drawing. The school doesn't have to offer the course for a homeschooler to take it of course but they do have to be willing to serve as the coordinator for the upload to the college board. Feel free to pm me if you have more questions. hth ~Moira
  13. My younger dd is just finishing the Drawing exam -- porfolios are due Friday. It has been a wonderful but very tough year. It is a boat load of work. I'm not surprised that some schools decide to do it over 2 years. ~Moira
  14. That was my elder dd's experience, too, when she took chemistry. One student slept through the multiple choice section then did the FRQs. She was bewildered by the behavior. ~Moira
  15. dd2 says English Language was wide ruled. It may be different for others. Good luck to all the test takers out there. hth ~Moira
  16. Rachel, Whole foods are minimally processed foods. They're usually found on the outside edges of the grocery store. But I consider canned tomatoes whole foods, likewise canned beans (although from dried is much cheaper and better!), and frozen veggies. My standard for things that are in jars, cans or bags is that there should be 5 or fewer ingredients and I can pronounce them all :001_smile: HTH ~Moira
  17. Creekland's ds - U of Rochester - class of 2016, U of Alabama, Baylor, Furman, U of Pittsburgh (all acceptances) Dirty Ethel Rackham's ds - Hope College, attending fall 2012, Class of 2016, also accepted at Beloit College, Bradley University and Illinois Wesleyan University. Floridalisa's dd: University of Florida, Class of 2016; also accepted Florida State University, Covenant College Grace is Sufficient's ds - University of Akron, Class of 2015; also accepted: Baldwin Wallace College, Geneva College, Eastern Michigan University, Northern Kentucky University Grace is Sufficient's dd - Geneva College, Class of 2016; also accepted: Waynesburg University Gwen in VA's ds2 -- Webb Institute class of 2016 (ED so no other colleges!) hsmamainva's dd -- Radford University, class of 2014. Also accepted at James Madison University, University of Mary Washington, Coastal Carolina University and Flagler College JennW in SoCal's ds - College of Wooster, class of 2016; also accepted Willamette University lisabees' ds -- Oberlin College. Also accepted: Haverford, Macalester, Kenyon, College of Wooster, Denison, Dickinson, Juniata, Goucher. Margaret in CO's dd--University of WY, AROTC, Honors, also accepted: Western State College of Colorado, DIV II swim scholarship, Honors, Westminster (UT), AROTC, Honors, CO School of Mines, Hillsdale CO (MI), Association of WP Grads civil prep for Appointment at West Point Class of 2017 Memphispeg dd- California State Polytechnic University San Luis Obispo class of 2016. Also Accepted: University of Memphis (Honors), University of North Carolina at Wilmington (Honors), College of Charleston, University of Miami, New College of Florida, and University of San Diego. Moira in MA's dd2 -- McGill University, Montreal, QC, Canada -- Class of 2016. Also Accepted: Dalhousie University, Halifax, NS, Canada. True Blue's ds - University of Washington, Washington State University Honors College, and Gonzaga - these are the only ones he applied to. He wanted to stay in WA.
  18. My dd chose to apply only to colleges that allowed freshmen to live in self-catering dorms. There were a limited number that offered that and her chosen major. It made the decision pretty simple. That being said, eating together is a *huge* part of building community. She lost a lot on that side. hth ~Moira
  19. There are nearly 300 colleges still accepting applications:http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/05/12/13-colleges-that-are-stil_n_861357.html#s278246&title=Allegheny_College_Pennsylvania maybe one will be a good fit socially, intellectually and financially. hth ~Moira
  20. We did the Algebra 2 portion of Algebra & Trig, then the Precalculus book. This is the approach Forster himself recommended way back when. hth ~Moira
  21. Not a US school but McGill in Montreal has a Korean Program. Look under East Asian Studies. About 20% of the students are international, approx half of whom are Americans. HTH ~Moira
  22. dd1 never held a paying job until college -- she's now working as a research assistant translating medieval Latin for an English prof - great benefits! Her own carrel at the library. dd2 started working for The Food Project (thefoodproject.org) at 16 and has continued through their program. This summer she's been hired as an assistant crew leader! She is psyched!!! ~Moira
  23. :grouphug: repeat as needed: he's the one going to college not me ~Moira
  24. Try cookusinterruptus.com, 101cookbooks.com, or my dd's kitchenlark.com hth ~Moira
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