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  1. One more question. What level of R&S English would you recommend for a student who has done Hake 6 and some of 8? She is in tenth grade. I'd like her to have more practice with writing good, varied sentences and work on mechanics, paragraph and essay structure, etc., along with the grammar lessons. She has struggled with this area due to dyslexia. Thanks
  2. What year of R&S English would you recommend for a 9th grade student who has done Winston Grammar Basic, then Growing With Grammar Grades 5-8? I don't feel like she's getting much out of GWG 8. I'd like her to do the writing lessons also to improve her written communication. Thanks, Lillian
  3. My dd, 15 and 10th grade, is dyslexic. We have worked through many grammar and writing programs over the years, but her spelling, mechanics, and punctuation have so many errors it's very hard to correct. She has excellent ideas and expresses herself every well. Currently she is finishing EIW eighth grade book and is in Hake Grammar 8. I don't really like EIW, but I don't want to do IEW. My two sons did a combination of R and S English through Book 10, Wordsmith and wordsmith Craftsman, and both did very well. I don't know if I should go back to R and S and Wordsmith for dd or something else. I am having her go back and do copy work of well written pieces also. Any ideas? Thanks!
  4. Hi Lillian,


    I replied to your post...just wanted to say if you have more detailed questions, feel free to pm or email me...sometimes it is easier to share more that way.




    Sandra in VA

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