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  1. One more question. What level of R&S English would you recommend for a student who has done Hake 6 and some of 8? She is in tenth grade. I'd like her to have more practice with writing good, varied sentences and work on mechanics, paragraph and essay structure, etc., along with the grammar lessons. She has struggled with this area due to dyslexia. Thanks
  2. What year of R&S English would you recommend for a 9th grade student who has done Winston Grammar Basic, then Growing With Grammar Grades 5-8? I don't feel like she's getting much out of GWG 8. I'd like her to do the writing lessons also to improve her written communication. Thanks, Lillian
  3. My dd, 15 and 10th grade, is dyslexic. We have worked through many grammar and writing programs over the years, but her spelling, mechanics, and punctuation have so many errors it's very hard to correct. She has excellent ideas and expresses herself every well. Currently she is finishing EIW eighth grade book and is in Hake Grammar 8. I don't really like EIW, but I don't want to do IEW. My two sons did a combination of R and S English through Book 10, Wordsmith and wordsmith Craftsman, and both did very well. I don't know if I should go back to R and S and Wordsmith for dd or something else. I am having her go back and do copy work of well written pieces also. Any ideas? Thanks!
  4. Thank you for your replies, ladies. I like Barton and plan to use it when he's ready. Unfortunately he failed parts A and C of the screening, so I ordered Lips to do first. We will see howit goes. Thanks
  5. I am looking for a new approach to phonics/ reading instruction for my ds 7, adopted at 3 from Ukraine. He is behind in language and ADHD. We have used Explode the Code ABC, a little 100 Easy Lessons, tried OPGTR, and now using Bear Necessities from Dancing Bears. He can sound out a word, but not consistently. Thoughts? Thanks,
  6. We have two ds, ages just turned 7 and almost 6. I am calling them First grade and Kindergarten this year. My 7 year old knows his letters and sounds well, except for a few he mixes up. I have worked on beginning blending with him in 100 Easy Lessons, but he isn't making much progress at all. My almost 6 year old doesn't know his letters very well yet, and I am now doing the Explode the Code Kindergarten books with him. We adopted them from Ukraine at ages 2 and 3. They are fluent in English, but they both have learning issues due to prenatal alcohol exposure. I have used Apples and Pears Spelling with my dyslexic biological dd and really like it, so I am thinking about using Sound Foundation Reading for my boys. I can't decide where to start. Bearing Away or Bear Necessities A1? What do you think, or do you have a different suggestion? Thank you so much!
  7. Thank you, Angie. That was very helpful. I am still between MUS and TT for my dd. I lean toward MUS, but haven't made a firm decision yet. Thanks for your story. Lillian
  8. I have also had a positive experience with Sonlight. My oldest has used all cores but one from PreK through Core 400. He just got his ACT score back- 33. He will be doing the new World History and Worldview with British Lit for English for his Senior year.. I think those courses look excellent, as well as the new, revised Core 400, Government and Economics, which my next son will do this year. The amount of discussion in the high school cores has been plenty for us. I have no doubts they will be well prepared for college, as well as whatever The Lord has for them later in life. I have looked many times at TOG and have a dear friend who uses and loves it, but my children and I are too happy with Sonlight to switch.
  9. Thank you! I think I will go ahead and order her GWG 6. That looks like a good place to start. Some of it will be easy, but the next level would be too hard. Now to decide for my older dd in 9th...
  10. I am thinking about using GWG for my 8th grade dd, for whom Grammar does not come easily. She finished Winston Grammar Basic, but I would like her to do more advanced Grammar now. I am thinking about Level 6 to start. How much review of previously learned concepts is in these books? Thank you, Lillian
  11. I am looking at a few programs for my dd, who will be in 9th grade. Math is her weakest subject, followed by Grammar. With writing, she has something to say and expresses herself well, but the mechanics trip her up. I have looked at R&S Math 8, Teaching Textbooks PreAlgebra, and Math USee PreAlgebra. Also I have looked at Growing With Grammar with WWS and at Hake Grammar and Writing. I want to try to move her farther along in these subjects. She will do Apples and Pears Spelling D. She will also be doing Sonlight Core 200, with the reading amounts trimmed down. Any ideas of programs and levels to start with are very welcome. Thanks so much, Lillian
  12. Thank you all for your helpful comments. I think I will have dd continue on with WWS2. She learned a lot with the first book. She would like to be a creative writer, but she really needs the instruction of WWS. Thanks so much!
  13. I like the looks of Hake for dd in 9th grade. She definitely isn't ready for book 8. Would it work to do 6 in 9th grade and 8 in 10th grade? I would like her to just have writing and vocabulary by her junior year, if her base is steady. Thanks for the suggestion. Lillian
  14. I am trying to decide on Grammar for my 8th and 9th grade dds. They have had basic grammar, parts of speech, etc.; however, this is a weak area for them. I need something they can be pretty independent on, and I am looking at Growing With Grammar, maybe Level 6 or 7? What do you think? Thanks, Lillian
  15. My dd did WWS1 last year for 8th grade. She did very well with it and learned a lot. She would like a change, but I think a second year may be good for her. She has been slower in developing Spelling, Grammar, and Writing skills! But she is doing better now. If you have done book 2 of WWS also, how did you like it? Was it worth it? Did your dc learn a lot of new things from it? Or do you wish you had done another program? Thanks, Lillian
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