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  1. I remember looking at PAC before, and now based on your recommendation am looking at it again. I am very intrigued by it, because I think my daughter would like it, but how does it count for a full credit when, if I am calculating correctly, it has only 90 lessons? Is that done by supplementing, as you mentioned?
  2. All this sounds really wonderful--but I am just so not capable of carrying it out. I have no idea how to give a grade for papers or discussion. This is probably the main downfall of our homeschool--that we do mostly textbooks with tests and evaluation rubricks included so I can feel confident that I am grading them fairly. And yes, to answer your question, govt/econ will be happening this year. That's one of the courses I actually have figured out. Notgrass again, for the reasons stated just now! :-)
  3. I've been looking at geography. I'm thinking maybe Trail Guide, but just for a half credit. The consensus seems to be it's a little light for a whole credit. Any other input about curriculum for geography, anyone?
  4. Wow, you have opened a whole new world for me; I didn't know these even existed. Am definitely spending some time browsing to see if we can use this somehow--if not with the senior, then maybe for myself! :-)
  5. I LOVE the concept of Sonlight, and we did it as a family when the kids were all in elementary. But as the kids got older I had to find more economical options. Might be worth looking into finding a used set, though. Thanks for the suggestion! :-)
  6. That looks really interesting. Anything like that (worldview, theology, philosophy, etc.) has to go through my husband first, but I've forwarded the link to him. I also like that it is not very expensive. :-)
  7. My senior only has 4 definite credits for this year so far: Apologia Marine Biology, Civics/Econ, 2 Lightning Lit courses, and art. She is very excited about the Marine Biology, and it will be her fourth science credit, because she loves science. The rest she could care less about (with the possible exception of the art--we are using Artistic Pursuits). She already has 3 math credits, and Algebra 2 was such a battle that we don't want to attempt Pre-Calc. I've looked all over for a history program that might be challenging enough for a senior--perhaps modern history, since we've already done Notgrass World and American, and she is interested in WWII, but I am not coming up with anything. We've already got credit for Driver's Ed and ACT/SAT test prep from junior year. She's completed through Spanish 3 via Monarch (i.e. Switched-On-Schoolhouse)--that's all the higher it goes, and given her performance towards the end of that, it's probably not a good idea to go higher, anyway. I've been looking for a geography course--but again, everything seems kinda lightweight when considered for use by a senior. I am NO GOOD at designing courses and don't want to attempt it now. I NEED objective evaluation criteria. I have four younger students and just cannot handle trying to design and implement something on my own. She has NO IDEA what she wants to do after she graduates. We have not decided yet if she will go to college or take a gap year (or years, lol) until she figures it out. Any suggestions, ladies? Especially if you can recommend a particular curriculum?? I'm getting sort of desperate here--don't want to start her on something too incredibly late... aargh.
  8. Thank you SO MUCH, ladies. I feel better already, just knowing I am not alone. Joan--those threads were very helpful; thank you. I think I need to spend more time on the forums just reading, reminding myself that there are others out there. Jane--the hubby and I are talking about adding more field trips to our year. I get scared about skipping days of work, but perhaps if we all had something more interesting to look forward to, we'd all work harder the rest of the time. So hopefully I can follow through with that and thereby add some variety. AZ--I am LOVING the Starbucks idea. I am looking forward to that already!! Mtn--All your plans sound great (except the legwarmers lol). The one that hit me most was the idea of delegating. I, as well, have been in the mindset that I need to let them do their schoolwork, so I have to do everything else. NO MORE!! I'm going to rethink the chore list and how I can hold them accountable to it. motherdear--yes, you are right. When I concentrate on WHY we are homeschooling (which for us is not really an academic issue but more for character/morality reasons), then it becomes easier to do what's right. mumto--I would LOVE to have some me-time as well. Up to this point, it's not been possible. My husband is a pilot and is gone for long stretches of time (3 weeks a month, at least). I have not felt able to make a weekly commitment to anything during the school day, because it has seemed so necessary to be here to keep the kids going strong and not wasting time...but maybe that's another way I can add variety. When I am gone they could be working on things that are not as important, maybe? Blsd--I completely agree with you on picking what is best for YOUR family. I think I need to rethink some things with that in mind. Also, I am extremely intrigued by the idea of schooling for so many weeks and then taking time off. Because frankly, that is kind of what has been happening anyway, because when the hubby is home for his roughly one week per month, we are often so busy with him that schooling takes a back burner. Obviously another reason we are so behind. BUT if I planned ahead for that (perhaps doing extra work when he's gone), then maybe I wouldn't feel so anxious about losing the time. I could work it out so that we still finish somewhere close to June, if I plan ahead for the down-time, rather than constantly feeling like we have to play catch-up. Obviously I have a lot of thinking to do about a lot of things, but I feel more like trying, now. Thanks, gals, for such wonderful input--and also for just standing beside a tired girl and encouraging her in the fight.
  9. Help me. We have been homeschooling since my oldest, now a sophomore in college, started kindergarten. I have 4 other children who are still in the midst of it--this year I'll have a senior, junior, freshman, and fifth-grader. I am fully committed to doing this until the youngest graduates high school. BUT I am feeling so overwhelmed lately. We are still finishing last year and I am supposed to be starting to plan this year. And my motivation is SO lacking. It feels like I am always nagging the kids to get their work done--when I don't nag, they get behind. Hence the still working on most courses here at the beginning of August. It feels like I am always behind on grading. It feels like a lot of responsibility; it feels like it robs my time when I could be doing other things that I enjoy more; it just feels like not much fun anymore. Please encourage me. I have no local friends that homeschool through high school, and even my long-distance friends mostly send their kids to private or public high school. Or they don't have as many children, so their time is not as impinged upon. We do a mixture of online classes and textbook courses. The kids work independently for the most part. This should not be a big deal for me. But somehow lately I am just not motivated and am feeling very weighed down. Anybody have any words of wisdom?
  10. So feeling like I missed the boat with #1, who is supposed to be headed to college next year but we are still unsure about finding enough money...I allowed her to pick which colleges to apply to, didn't stress a safety "we can definitely afford it" school, and now we're stuck with only 1 acceptance at a rather pricey place...she did get some merit money, but not enough... Then #2, who will be a junior next year, doesn't have nearly the drive or qualifications or abilities as the first--not to mention she also has no clue what she wants to do... I'm wondering if I failed miserably planning and executing our high school years...still have 3 more kids to go after the first 2... Reading these boards can sometimes be very depressing, seeing all these high-achieving students (and MOMS, frankly), when I feel like our family is much more ordinary... Help me, gals. Where do I go from here?
  11. Is it normal for a college to expect the parents to take out a loan that is greater than 25% of their annual income? And that is IN ADDITION to the $5500 in student loans for my daughter. So depressed here...
  12. Yep, I do know that, and she took it both sophomore and junior years. We knew the sophomore was just for practice, but her junior year report came back saying she wasn't eligible for national merit consideration...she said on her preliminary info she put that she was not "enrolled" in high school, because she's not, right? Or do they count homeschool as enrolled? I've got another one due to take it next year, so it would be good to know what to fix.
  13. How does one even get considered for National Merit when being homeschooled? My daughter took the PSAT, and got very good scores--but the report said "not eligible for National Merit Scholarship" ???
  14. We're madly working on apps to get the top two picks in ASAP--need to get early music audition dates. I'm hoping hoping hoping we'll have good news from one of them come December! If not, thenwe'll try round 2 in the spring... :001_unsure: So jealous of y'all who already know!
  15. There is also a separate music application for the school that is her top choice, and it requires two music teacher evaluations, so we are already doing that... I sent an email to the admissions counselor who is over the homeschooled students, so hopefully he will respond to my questions on Monday... Thanks for the input! :-)
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