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  1. The oral meds I took made me sick and lost effect after 2 months so it didn't work for me but glad it is working for you.
  2. Thank you very much for your help and I will look at my local vitamin store to see if they carry it. There are so many brands of zinc there that it is hard to choose the right one!!
  3. Interesting thank you very much, do the kal tabs come in anything higher?
  4. I have been doing a lot of research online about zinc and have decided to use chelated zinc as it seems to be the most effective brand. But I do not know which one to use. Do I need tablets, capsules, or does it not matter? I am going to be taking 50 -75 mg of zinc for acne treatment theb lower it to 50 qnd continue until I reach 30 mg or so. Please I really need some advice on which brand to take and what type of pills. Thank you!
  5. Thank you so much, I feel a bit better knowing that I may have a few more options to try out. My last question is do you take it with a meal or not? I have been taking it with a meal .
  6. Ok now i am worried, please someone else tell me somthing different please!!!! Nothing else is working for me and I am becoming desperate!!!! Should I try chelated zin instead?
  7. I have been taking zinc picolinate for more than 2 weeks now and I don't really notice much of a difference. The first week my acne cleared but I am still getting spots and I am so sick of it!! I don't see much results and I am considering upping the dosage to 75 - 100 mg and see if that works. The pills I used to take don't work anymore and I am becoming very frustrated. I used to know someone with severe acne that tok 100mg of zinc and their face went from bad to clear!!! Can I take 100mg or mqybe even 75mg of zinc and see how that goes? Please I really need advice!
  8. I have cut out a lot of my dairy intake and I have also cut back a lot on sugar, but even that doesn't always help. I think I will try weaning off it one month, my body reacts badly if I drastically change a routine even as simple as stopping a pill. I appreciate your input, thank you very much!! :001_smile:
  9. Ok so I know I am going to start zinc soon, I just haven't had the money to purchase it. But now I do and will be starting it as soon as I can purchase it. To wean myself off of the antibiotic I am on for acne though has me stumped. As of now I take 150mg of Minocycline and I want to reduce it to 100 mg this month along with 50 mg of zinc at night. Then next month begin reducing my medication to 50 mg in the morning qnd qbout 40 mg of zinc at night along with another vitamin added into my diet like vitqmin A. The reduce my medicine to only 50 mg every other day along with vitamin a, zinc, vitamin c, d, e and burdock root tea. And in the ladt month completely eliminate my medicine from my diet snd continue with all my othet vitamins. Does this sound alright? I just need a little guidance and knew this would be a good place to start. I will also be continuing with cleansing my face and doing a host of other things to maintain a clear complextion. Thank you! (sorry for the sloppy typing, doing this from my phone and super busy!)
  10. This makes absolute perfect sense, and it it is whqt I will be doing. I am going to start zinc, and then slowly add in burdock root tea and a hormonal tea for women. Vitamin A and E were also recommended to me to clear skin, but I will try the zinc first. Thank you all for you help!
  11. Thank you for the tips, I will keep this in mind while weaning off the antibiotics. Thank you again!
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