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  1. My son and I were discussing school subjects for the next few years and he has decided he wants to do what he calls " the History of architecture". He has always been interested in urban planning, civil engineering, and construction. lately he has been "designing houses". he will be a young 6th grader next year and I would like to support this interest. he says he wants to learn it "all" drawing both manual and on the computer, art and history and famous architects, and wants some hands on stuff. I would like this course to be sufficient to cover history, science, art and technology, we can devote about 90 minutes a day to it. He loves to read and reads at a high school level, and does not like graphic novels. so where would you start? anyone know a spine we could use? good bios on architects? must read or do? also with science I would guess physics is the best fit, but what topics would be best? oh we are minecraft free here so nothing to do with that please! Any help is appreciated!
  2. another option is Build Your Library. we are using level 6 and I am very pleased so far!
  3. What about Latin book one? I think it is very similar to GSWL.
  4. A million times this, he wanted to read and do school, so we did, I really wish we had spent more time being outside, playing and being in nature. give a short 5 min lesson then go outside, do art, bake, laugh and read aloud, I wish ( even with an advanced kid) that I had listened more to those of you saying play more!
  5. We have liked Latin Book 1. it is similarin format to GSWL, its an older book, but i had no trouble getting it. there is a yahoo group for it.
  6. I have a 9 and 3 year old, and and 1 year old. We use a memory binder not a box, but it's the same idea. My kids have separate memory work, so while my older is reviewing his new pieces, I go over the work with the 3 year old. I keep each of their memory work on a separate color in each section. So my three year old has pink pages in the every other day and daily sections, while my 9 year old has white pages in all the sections. When we do review we do review for each, and my 3 year old listens in, and my 9 year old says the three years olds with her, cause he knows it too. Clear as mud? I will add blue when the little starts in 2 years.
  7. Until 6 months ago my dh was an auto mechanic, very "blue collar ". I hang out here. Why would " blue collar " homeschoolers need to hang out elsewhere? I must say I don't understand, people of all collars hang here because of academics right?
  8. Ds is dying to start Alegbra. He has spent the last week reading the Saxon Alg 1 and 2 Teachers manuals that I got for free. He even sat down and worked out some problems that he knew he could do from the Alg 2 book. Dh and I told him if he really wanted to we would let him start PreA now rather then wait to do SM stds. 5. In my head I know this is a not so great choice. but he is so excited to give this a try. I told him we could back up and do anything he needed in sm5. I have Dolcani PreA, BJU PreA, and AOPS is on the way. He is finishing up SM 4b this week, so SM 5 is also on the way. of all the choices he likes AOPS best, with Dolcani second. I looked through Dolcani, I am pretty sure he can do it. How terrible is it to skip SM 5? what pitfalls am I not seeing? If we take our time and back up as needed do you think it will work? He wants to do Dolcani till AOPS gets here, and then switch. thoughts? am I nuts for allowing this? is there a place where he might get stuck? I am thinking percentages maybe? he has worked with them a bit with his lego team but not alot
  9. we have 5 people in 1100 sq feet, this was my husbands fix for my large amount of books. my son took the largest bedroom, it needed to hold the first lego league table. my daughter took the next largest bed room it holds her and all the toys for everyone. the next largest went to my books, and the computer and kids desks. my husband and I ( and the baby!) live in the smallest room in the house, it exactly fits a full bed, and a dresser on the end....my husband sleeps in the top bunk. yep we sleep in bunk beds hubby in a twin on top me and baby in a full on bottom. so my best advice besides keep less stuff is be willing to be flexible and think outside the box. also never keep a first lego league table in your house! LOL ( its as large as a piece of plywood, 4 X 8). also decide what is most improtant to you. we have a terrible library system, i have to buy most books. it is what it is.
  10. thanks everyone for the ideas! we are very excited to get started!
  11. I am writing a basic baking course for my son it is to be 12 weeks long twice a week. so far I have the following: Kitchen safety Knife safety how to accurately measure types of mixing and why you would use each how to follow a recipe then for recipes I have the following Cakes/cupcakes pies baked/cold cookies/brownies biscuits tarts quick breads bread I would like for us to bake twice a week doing a version of each category twice, what else could I have him do? Also what other basic skills should he learn? he already can use the oven and the stove safely, although we will go over it again. ideas? I cant follow a regular cookbook becasue he has multiple food allergies. Thanks!
  12. I sincerely hope you do not have another year like this past one, I cried every time I got on Facebook! Anyways, I plan out 6 weeks of work, and then a week off, ds knows if it isn't done on time it has to be done on our off week. So I have 7 6 week units planned with 8 weeks cushion (2 weeks at Christmas), and all of July off. It works well for us.
  13. my husband recently accepted a new job with the federal govt. they of course would not accept his completely current just done 6 months ago background check, and when he sent info for his login to do a new background check it took forever, i mean months longer then it should have....finally get an email as to why... its becasue WE have spelled our name wrong on OUR transcript, could we please correct it and retry? umm no we did not mispell our last name, you did. oh and second email followed with information on getting a lawyer becasue we would be charged with fraud for using the wrong last name....umm again we didnt spell our name wrong, you did, the resume, transcript, ss card, and birth certificate are all correct, thanks!
  14. WOW. I am also packing for a cross country move, I have packed 17 boxes of books, I am not done, and I leave tomorrow, do will finish packing for me, I expect to have 30 or so boxes of books! You amaze me!
  15. Have you read our homeschool laws? All districts are required to allow you to play, they don't have to make it easy for you, but they are requires by law to allow it. We are one of only a few states like this.
  16. please, please please take a very large watermelon, with pictures, please pretty please! and yes its over the top, I like the idea of a few doing it each week of the year though
  17. we are looking at a huge pay cut, so i have been contemplating the same thing. i think i would invest in all of the math mammoth 1-6, spelling power, and a copy iew's twss. then use the library for everything else. oh and kiss grammer. you could write from history, science, and lit from the library. if you are interested in latin, i am loving latin book one, it cost all of 3 dollars on amazon. i think it will last me 3 years at least! i see you need phonics still, i would pick up a used OPGTR or phonics pathways.
  18. for jrfll the bottom age is soft...meaning its up to individual leaders to decide if they will take 5 year olds. Our first team had 3 5 year olds and a 6 year old. Jrfll is designed to be as simple or as complicated as the kids can do. our first year the kids built a truck with moving wheels, this year ds's 4 th year his team built a working mine with a train and an exploding top controlled by an nxt robot. if he is into physics and science i would really try and find a team for him, or you can always start your own! we helped facilitate 6 teams this year, and coached two, lots of work but also lots of fun!
  19. Lego wedo is fun and very user friendly. My DS started it at five, no reading needed. He also enjoyed the how things work book, you could read it aloud. I also used elemental science's physics curriculum, picking and choosing as needed from the daily schedule. For my DS he needed physics first, bio and earth science were boring to him, so we flipped the schedule, he's doing bio next year as a fourth grader, and still doing robotics with Lego mindstorms.
  20. well for me its because i already have an infant there, but i also know my toddler wont sit there quietly she steals the books, writes on things, and generally makes mess.
  21. well for me its because i already have an infant there, but i also know my toddler wont sit there quietly she steals the books, writes on things, and generally makes mess.
  22. I struggle with this as well, its like having two only children, cause there isn't anyone to guide her play. or even be an example for her. I lesson plan every 6 weeks, so this last time I sat down and "lesson planned" for her as well, I picked a theme, on the farm, then picked a book for each week, added a nursery rhyme, and then a craft from first-school. I added two general art activities to each week, so the first week was the big red barn, we made red play-dough, and sang old MacDonald, and painted in red. and then made a red barn for the wall to put all the animals in for the coming weeks. its worked out well. it takes about 10 minutes twice a day. i don't really care if she learns anything, but i did try and include colors and counting. what i really need is a 4 year old so she has someone to follow around!
  23. I have seriously fond memories of this thread! which is a bit amazing as it was started just a few days after I had my daughter. so so much good stuff here. I think I have finally reached the place this thread talks about. I have goals, planning next year was easy, I know where we are going, I know what type of books he likes, I know how much he can read in a day. He is learning so much more then he did when I was doing it all. I have confidence in our schooling. I know we are meeting the long term goals we have. THis thread ( and a few others) really really helped me. Thank you all so much for taking the time to post so many wonderful thoughts, and all your years of experience. it means the world to me!
  24. Why did you remove this? I thought it was great, would you be willing to pm me this info? Sad to see this disappear. I had not printed it yet!
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