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  1. Holy cow! This looks awesome! I'd love to try this with my kids.
  2. Is there a reason he can't do CC instead of high school at home?
  3. I've graduated two kids. My 23 yo has always been lazier than my 20 yo. Its just a fact. If anything is hard, she quits or complains so much you WANT her to quit. If anything requires a lot of effort on her part...well, its not going to happen. My 20 yo is the exact opposite. The harder something is, the harder she tries. Maybe because she had a lot of health problems from ages 13 to 18, maybe its just a personality thing? I don't know. But the 20 graduated high school, and started cosmetology school in the same week (in February of 2013), she graduated cosmetology school in 9 months, started working, etc. Found out she would have to work very hard and couldn't physically do it as a stylist so she quit and got a job at Dillard's. 6 months later she got promoted to sales manager and is now thinking of going to college for business degree. My 23 yo is having her first baby, my 20 is working on her career. Is one better than the other? No. Just different and each is doing what makes them happy. Doing what they feel God wants them to do Ftr, I've put my 16 yo in charge of HER education also. She works at a vet, is involved in theater, and has an active social life. I got tired of getting onto her all.the.time. about her school work so I told her its her responsibility to get it done and if she does not it will be her problem because she won't be able to do what she wants to do with her life, which is become a vet tech. That's worked better than all the nagging, etc.
  4. If he goes to CC for any degree he will have to take the basic classes. If he can do that there's really no point in him doing it at home except for the cost. But I'd put that on him.
  5. I would graduate him next month after having a talk with him and letting him know that you feel you've done everything humanly possible and that if he wants to continue homeschooling, fine, he knows whast to do. If he wants to go to CC, fine. If he wants to just keep working, fine . Is he unmotivated at work? With chores? With other things or just school work? If its just school work it may be he just isn't an academic person. If he works hard at his job and other things,btgen maybe that's just where his life is headed. There's nothing wrong with that. Some people draw floor plans and some people build the houses.
  6. We are out a lot but I have a system that works for the most part. My youngest 4 kids have TKD Mon-Thurs, sometimes Fridays. We have park days Thursday and Friday. My 16 yo has theater Tues and Thurs, my 10 and 9 yo have theater Thursday. My 16 yo works Mon-Thurs and I am the chauffer for all of this. lol This has only been in the past year and 8 months since we moved to Texas and it took me awhile to get used to it but my kids are pretty happy. The house stays clean mostly because I stay on top of it and make sure they all do what they need to do. At this point I get bored when we are home too much, like a couple weeks ago my 16 yo had the flu and she didn't go to work. We were bored! lol
  7. Why not just have him go to community college and be done at home? CC will accept him and if he is behind, he will have to take remedial classes and it will be up to him to do what needs to be done. He's almost 18, almost an adult, in the eyes of the law. It sounds like you've tried everything and really, IMO, you need to let go and let him be responsible for his own education. He may actually surprise you and step up and do it well. Or he may fail and realize he needs to be more responsible. In either case, you can't follow him around forever, telling him what to do. You've done that and more and none of it has worked. If he was mine, I'd let him work and let him decide if he wants to go to CC or try going straight into the Navy or whatever. And if he can't get into the Navy, that may actuallybe the wake up call he needs to get motivated. You can not MAKE anyone motivated. They have to find that in themselves.
  8. My 16 yo is working as a vet assistant and I will be giving her a credit for it.
  9. As I said, for my younger children, I want them to have a firm foundation FIRST, then as they get older, they learn about other beliefs.
  10. I agree with this. Also, I'm not comfortable with my younger kids learning about other religions until they have a firm foundation of Christ first and then, all depending on their spiritual maturity, when they should learn about them. SOTW is as neutral as possible teaching about other religions to the point where "I" didn't want to use it because it makes it sound as if all religions lead to God. For us, that's not what we believe and not what I want my younger kids thinking. You could use it and skip over certain chapters (we did that for awhile). But as a new Christian I'd REALLY recommend getting a more Christian history such as Mystery of History and using that.
  11. Just because she is good at math doesn't mean she can't just use a curric that she can just do and be done with it. A lot of it may have to do with age, as she gets older, she will learn to concentrate better, etc. If you think TT will be easier for her, I'd try and find out. If it doesn't work, you can return it (I believe they have 30 day policy), or re-sell it. Have you looked into Life of Fred? Maybe the story line of that would be more interesting for her?
  12. I've thought about this more and I see no reason why you couldn't do this. I love to read. I have (probably) almost 1000 books on my kindle. Not as many on my shelves after a move across several states last year. But so far only a few of my kids enjoy reading. I have actually been thinking lately of not forcing reading anymore simply because I see no POINT. It doesn't make them readers, my parents never read to me, yet I love it. I've read to my kids their whole lives and not all of them love it, 3 HATE reading. So, I've been doing things a little differently, more hands-on, more of me reading, than them. My current high schooler won't have anymore required reading but I will continue to read to her. There are SOOOO many resources you could use, the more I think about it, them more I'm sure it can be done.
  13. This could be done but I think it would require a lot of going and doing things, such as going to the zoo, going to the museums, going a lot of places and doing a lot of things.
  14. I have the textbook and the notebook that has lesson plans. These are the most confusing plans I have ever read in my life! I understand all the abbreviations but for some reason I cannot figure these plans out. Before I just do my own thing, does anyone have any already written?
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