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  1. I go to both every week. Trader Joe's doesn't have everything I buy at Safeway, and Trader Joe's has a lot I like that Safeway does not sell. They are only a block away from each other. So going to both is no problem and is part of the grocery shopping routine.
  2. We were at the zoo on a tram tour and the guide was talking about the monkeys and asked if anyone knew what kind of tails they had. No one answered. Finally, my then 4 yo dd spoke up and answered prehensile, then explained what it meant, and added that opossums also have prehensile tails, as well as some other mammals. The tour guide was shocked and said that no one had ever answered that question before. My dd was shocked and asked (in all seriousness) how people could lack such basic knowledge about animals. This was the same dd who, at 3 yo, was identifying the music playing in the background in the drug store. "Mommy, listen. They're playing Mr. Bach's music." (They were, and the people around us were quite surprised to hear dd identify it.) One person told her that she was precocious, and dd replied that she wasn't really, that she just liked music, and while she likes Bach and Beethoven's music, Vivaldi was her favorite.
  3. Locksmithing is not a huge trade. It is not always easy to find a locksmith. So that alone would mean if he is working in an established business, and it sounds like he would be, he could be successful because of limited competition. While in the future it is likely that homes could move to a key-card type lock or other technology, I doubt that it will happen very quickly. People will still need keys and locks, and will still lock themselves out of their cars and homes and need assistance. So while he learns this trade, he can keep up on new technology and bring that into his locksmith business, learning whatever is needed to serve both traditional key and lock customers and whatever new key card (or whatever) technology may be developed for home and auto use. Then he can do both. If he wants to learn this trade, I would support him.
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