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  1. Tickets for two to see the Tim McGraw and Faith Hill concert in Vegas, along with the necessary plane tickets and hotel room. I don't need to eat/drink much. I would handle that cost myself. Oh well, won't ever happen, but I can dream! Maid service - just to clean the bathrooms, floors and dust. Could even be just twice a month. Maybe clean windows once a year.
  2. Alabama Christmas albums The Piano Guys Christmas album (mostly instrumental) Mannheim Steamroller Straight No Chaser - I like the humorous songs! Steven Curtis Chapman Brad Paisley
  3. One ds hung up his coat (so it could dry) and towels. That was all that was on his walls. My other ds bought movie posters from his favorite movies and hung those. It suited him in the dorm. He is now in an apartment, and has nothing on his walls. He said it is too much work to buy Command strips to hang up the posters. :) My dd has lots on her walls, and it is coordinated and cute. Guys tend not to care as much as girls do.
  4. I think it is related to how we are wired to think. I see pictures, and often have other senses associated with those pictures in my head (smell, feelings). Sometimes it is like a movie in my head, if my eyes are shut. When my eyes are open and I am thinking or reading, I still see pictures. I always have. I think that is one reason that I am usually disappointed when I see a movie based on a book I have read. I have already seen the 'movie' in my head as I read the book, and the real movie is not the same at all. I spell well because I see the words in my head, like a picture and I can see i
  5. We always encouraged our kids' interest areas as best we could. Sometimes it means paying for extracurricular courses or activities or lessons, sometimes it means time invested allowing them to do it on their own or taking them places. One ds became interested in video editing. Since I didn't know anything at all about it, I told him he would need to find resources. He did. He was in 4th or 5th grade, and found people who knew how, who told him what to use and a friend had some software. (I have to say that those early videos he made are family favorites, much to his chagrin...) We waited
  6. My son went through a long cowboy season in his life (lasted from about age 2 - 8 or so) so he knew all about him, and also Gene Autry. He watched their shows. He listened to their music. Yup, all my dc knew about Roy Rogers and Dale Evans.
  7. "Persuasive suggestion" is a great term. I use this strategy. It's better than getting mad because he claimed my thoughts, ideas or info as his own. In the long run, it's usually not worth pointing it out. The end result is the same, anyway.
  8. If there were someplace around here to do that, I would be there! Have fun! It sounds great.
  9. I go to both every week. Trader Joe's doesn't have everything I buy at Safeway, and Trader Joe's has a lot I like that Safeway does not sell. They are only a block away from each other. So going to both is no problem and is part of the grocery shopping routine.
  10. My sons would check out the gun and get into a conversation about firearms and shooting. My sons wouldn't feel threatened because they know how to safely use and clean a gun, and are aware that one doesn't clean a loaded firearm. My sons would most likely think the dad had been out hunting or target shooting before they arrived because one cleans a gun that has recently been used. No big deal. Now if the gun was being used in a threatening or dangerous manner, my sons would respond differently. It depends on how it is being handled and whether or not it was obviously unloaded. I have
  11. My dc did this from about age 4 - 7 (depending on the child) through high school. It is very time consuming. Even when young, my dc had 1.5 hour practices 5 days per week. Meets vary depending on whether you want to travel or not, and meets are not required (at least on our team) because swimming is individual, not group. You may not want your dc to compete long course, but your dc may be ready for that and may enjoy it. My dc loved long course season. There is a lot of expenses involved, in addition to the basic fee for the swim team. You will have team suits, practice suits, team sweats
  12. One of the latest things that made me smile was a bouquet of droopy weeds from a preschooler, picked with much love and given to me with an enthusiastic hug. There is a black and white cat that made me smile this morning. I go out daily, early in the morning, for a walk/run and this cat is always sitting in the same place, between the sidewalk and street, a few blocks from my house. It watches me, acting all pompous and important. I don't like cats much, but this one appears to have a very serious daily mission.
  13. Wearing two suits for practice is common. My dc did it, as did most the others on their team. That way the raggedy or holey suit can still be worn for a while longer. The other suit rarely had holes in the same location, so doubling up helps the suits last longer. Plus it adds some drag during practice. Suits are so expensive that we got as much use as possible out of them.
  14. It's just plain hard when a child moves out. I knew it was right that they go, and they were ready. I was excited for each of them to make the step to college and live on their own. BUT - it hurt. I cried. I was sad. The house was so quiet and empty. There was a huge hole in my life that just couldn't get filled with them gone. It was sad walking by their room(s) and the rooms were still clean. Phone calls are treasured, as are video chats. And I realized it was much harder to have my dd move out than my sons. Not that I love my sons less, but my dd and I are close. Of course, we do text a
  15. I use LoseIt (online, like MyFitness Pal, with a convenient app on my phone) and have a FitBit to monitor my activity. I log everything I eat and all exercise. The FitBit has been a huge motivator to keep moving. I like to meet my goal of a minimum number of steps daily. I have lost 50 lbs since the middle of January, and have another 30 to go. I keep to fewer than 100 g carbs/day, usually around 80 g or so. I cut out potatoes, pasta, rice, sugar, flour, grain for the most part. After the first month or so, I stopped missing them and am not tempted very often. I eat sweet potato a few tim
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