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  1. I don't know either. We are all sick and I'm kind of just staying home. I needed to run to the store, so I went at 7 am when there wouldn't be any ppl in the store. But like, how do I really know? One of my kid spikes a fever every time he gets sick. I never spike a fever, no matter what I have. So I'm just waiting it out and keeping to ourselves.
  2. So, we are all getting sick here at my house. Of course, it mimics the symptoms perfectly. I can say with almost 100% certainty it is NOT Covid-19. But my question is, would you quarantine like it is? On the off chance that it could be?
  3. East coast here. Lots of chatter about the virus, but many in a light tone and not wanting to seem paranoid. I've seen some drug stores low on stock, but nothing sold out and stores don't seem to be any busier.
  4. I have nothing scientific, just my opinion- A few years ago I tutored a boy that was similar to what you describe. At the beginning or end of each of our sessions we would play "wrong answers only". We'd just take turns asking each other simple questions and giving wrong answers. I remember a few favorites were easy addition problems, how did the dinosaurs go extinct, what did cows (or any barnyard animal) evolve from, and spelling names of friends and family. Not sure if your daughter would respond to that, but it might be a way to ease some anxiety.
  5. History: Build Your Library 3 Math: Math Mammoth 4 English and Grammar: First Language Lessons 3, BYL, and Brave Writer. Science: BYL 3/Chemistry Extras: Gymnastics, snowboarding class, and piano
  6. I've got the basic plan for 8th grade: Math: AOPS Science: Astronomy first semester, Physics 2nd semester (I don't know the resources I'll be using yet.) History: BYL 8, which is the history of science. She will also have a unit on World War II, unless we do it this summer, a unit on our state history, and probably one on American history as a refresher. English: She wants to take the AP English exam, but I don't know if she will be ready. I'm letting her plan the year around taking it though. So we will do a heavy grammar course, and she will read AP level english books.
  7. A few years ago we started putting up white lights on when the clock changes for daylight savings time. Now we leave them up until spring. It helps with the unending darkness. We live VERY far north and don't have neighbors, so it's just for us.
  8. I know it varies by area, but I'm curious-- What would you pay to have someone come in and clean bathrooms, possibly mop the kitchen floor as well. Once a week, every week.
  9. For those that have a cat that scratches, please consider silicon claw covers. They go on with nail glue, and cost me approximately $20 a year for 4 cats.
  10. I will not refrain from speaking up against animal abuse. Declawing is inhumane. A person should not have an animal if they are going to abuse said animal. Cats that are declawed can live their whole lives in pain. For those that do not know the opposition to declawing PLEASE do the research.
  11. Yep, this is what I do most days. Math work definitely needs to be corrected. A mistake that isn't corrected today means it will probably be wrong again tomorrow.
  12. I am curious how you handle foreign languages, especially if you have a child with a big interest in languages. We live in a town with a lot of interactions with French speakers, so they really should learn it for practical reasons. I want them to learn Latin and ASL. They want to learn Latin, Greek, Arabic, and Italian. How many languages can practically be taught at the same time? I can easily outsource Arabic, French, and Latin.
  13. Uh, that kid shouldn't be driving. I expect a kid (or anyone) to occasionally skirt the law, cross a line of some kind, or lie to parents from time to time. Someone that lies or deceives a parent when it comes to a law that could endanger other people? No way. Kid needs his license taken away and a lesson on moral responsibility before they can be trusted again. My boyfriend and friend were killed in a car accident when we were 17. It's disgusting to mess around with traffic laws, and I don't have much respect for a teen that feels they are "morally superior" in this regard.
  14. I have one and I like it. I let dishes pile up so it's very handy.
  15. I literally laughed out loud at this. I went to USC for 2 years before I transferring. I did not enjoy my time there and have some regrets about choosing it over other schools that would have been a better fit. This scandal is horrible, but I honestly can't understand paying so much and performing criminal acts to get into USC.
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