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  1. I have three kiddos ages 13, 11, and 9. I am interested in torchlight, build your library, and wayfarers. Anyone using these? Pros.cons, likes/dislikes, etc please! Thanks!
  2. I have three special needs kiddos age 9,11, and 13. none have had formal grammar instruction and need to learn to write. which is your preference: ELTL or cottage press? Pros/cons, what do you like, etc. Thanks!
  3. I am torn between these two curriculums. I have a 5th. 6th, and 3rd grader and want them combined as much as possible. All three kiddos have special needs. I really like the discussion and parent resources for TOG but love the flow and gentleness of the wayfarer and ELTL. Any opinions, reviews, advice is welcome. Thanks!
  4. Hello! I am curious to see if anyone is still using and enjoying resources from barefoot ragamuffin. I am not finding many reviews on this curriculum and I am really interested in it for my 13, 11, and 9 year old. I am looking for review, pros/cons, etc. Thanks!
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