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May I ask for prayers please

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If you feel led, please keep my FIL and his doctors in prayers and thoughts. He is on his way to Vanderbilt for surgery. He has kidney cancer. He had part of a kidney removed a few years ago and the recovery was awful for him for several reasons. He is going today to have the other kidney removed. This will leave him with a partial kidney. Tests show that it should function fine. I am more worried about his outcome from the physical surgery itself. THe last big one he had was really rough. He was reacting to things and not himself -- extremely belligerent and very difficult. I am really hoping things do NOT proceed this way this time.


Anyway, thanks for support. We are concerned for him (and the nurses who will have to take care of him and deal with him afterwards ;)

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You've got it! It's so hard to see loved ones in such a state. Last year my dad had bladder cancer. It wasn't the cancer or the surgeries that nearly killed him, it was the massive infection he got from one of the pre-surgery tests. He was out of it for weeks and just wasn't himself. It was the hardest thing for me to watch. I really do feel for you! I pray that the surgery is smooth sailing and that he makes a quick recovery!!

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Thanks so much! An update: He came through well, so far. Not awake yet though. They did NOT have to remove all of the kidney! They removed 4 masses. Two of which appeared to be cysts and 2 of which were the cancer. More good news in that they were a non-metastasizing cancer!


So far the prognosis is good. That is the first step in a big relief. Next, comes the recovery process which I hope goes well too.


Thanks for the prayers! They definitely helped so far!

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