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1st Grade Planning Thread 2023

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Anyone started this grade yet?

I'm at a strange stage where I have 3 high schoolers and a K/1st grader! The olders are mostly on auto-teach which gives me time to devote fully to Little Man now.

Math: Dimensions Math w/ vids- We just started 1A so probably will be ready for 2A by fall.

Phonics: AAR- I FINALLY caved and bought it. We are starting Level 1 today so probably will be into Level 2 by fall. He has had quite a bit of scattershot phonics to date, so this is the leaf/snow blower clearing the path to allow us to move forward.

Spelling: AAS 1- I have this waiting for after AAR 1. I'm going to take it slow.

Handwriting: Mom created copybook in our UK joined writing font- I'm using the MP enrichment guides for poem ideas, plus scriptures, etc..

History Stuff: k12 K/1- My other kids and I all loved this program. He's excited to start.

Art: k12 K/1- Same as history. I'm terrible at making it up as I go along.

Science: Now this I have a few ideas. I'm looking at either RS4K Building Blocks w/ HST kit or k12. I'm going to wait until we are through at least AAR 1 and starting AAR 2 to decide. I know I want secular/neutral, well laid out, kit comes with it or can buy from Home Science Tools, or it will not happen. (NLS axed: I can't stand scripted.)

Extras: MCT Poodle, if I can wait until fall. I've already read him the samples several times at his request. Chickens are just funny in our family. Plus the usual reading books, playing and the like.

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Reading/phonics:   Little Seedlings Press Book Two Word Mastery   (We tried Abeka, and it moved too quickly for him. We are working on Book One, and it seems to be a better pace for him.)

Math:  Singapore Dimensions 1A/1B   (I also abandoned Abeka math.  It would've been fine, but I decided I wanted to put him on the Singapore path for now. Math is his strong suit, and I probably could have started him in 1A, but I wanted to make sure we had a good foundation for Singapore.  So I started him with KB this semester, and we are loving it.)

I may add Memoria Press 1st Grade enrichment.  I probably also need a handwriting program, though the LSP books have a bit. 

That's all I have so far! 

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Math: BA2 (I don't know if I'll keep singapore math as backup. We only went back to SM work three times this semester. It seems more economical if I just cobble up something the 3 days when BA is too much.)

Reading: Continue AAR3 (we will be in level 3 by Feb.)

Spelling: Spelling Through Phonics

Writing/Language Arts: Leaning towards Bravewriter Quill considering Bravewriter Dart. I think he would enjoy the reading selections in Dart but I don't know if we'll be there in terms of being able to do copywork. 

Science: Mystery Science and whatever other bunny trails we go on (we have a membership to a science museum in the area and Kiwi Crate subscription). I feel like we have science playtime instead of poetry teatime.

Handwriting: HWOT unless we are ready to just do copywork.

History: SOTW 


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I love this age!

Language Arts:

Reading- AAR2

Spelling- Soaring with Spelling 1 or 2

Handwriting- McRuffy Handwriting 

Read Alouds as much as possible!


1st Grade Primary Mathematics 2022 

Saxon 2  -  I tend to do 2 programs in early years

Science and Social Studies:

World Geography- Usborne World of Animals as spine.  

Science- animals and biomes correlate with Geography,  maybe TGATB,  or maybe just books


Co-op, fun art projects


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My second child is currently K aged. Rough plan for September is:

Language Arts: She will either be towards the end of the first mcguffey or beginning of the second. + copywork from that. 

Cottage Press primer 1. 

Math: SCM Arithmetic 2, grade 2 workbook and living math books and games.

Spanish: complete starter spanish + my first readers A spanish/english to start learning to read in Spanish. 

Science: Elemental Science 

Nature study: SCM outdoor secrets

History: Story of thr world

Art: Blossom and Root Math in art Year 1. 

Handicrafts: Sewing school book, possibly paper Slloyd when done.

I *think* that is everything. Everything is combined with my eldest who will be second grade. The only difference is which mcguffey they are on. I should make a note on my phone! 


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DD will be a young first grader 23-24 so I haven't decided how much I want to add. 

Math: MM 1, Addition Facts That Stick and lots of card/board games 

Reading: AAR 4 and Wise Owl Polysyllables

Spelling: We will try AAS 1 when she feels ready to add another subject or when we finish AAR. Not sure if I want to do AAS or R&S but I got AAS 1 cheap used.

Grammar: FLL1 or wait another year to start, haven't decided.

Handwriting: TGATB 

Lots of read alouds for science 🙂


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1 hour ago, Clarita said:

Does AAR4 not take them through all the way to being able to read anything? (I'm curious and we are only on AAR2.)

My understanding is that it does. We are 2/3 of the way through AAR 3 and there haven't been a lot of 3+ syllable words so my DD doesn't have a lot of confidence in breaking them up even though she knows the syllable division rules. I also figure Wise Owl Polysyllables will be a good way to keep practicing longer words since she mostly reads Rainbow Magic Fairies when reading independently. 

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