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Which makes kids friendly drinks - kombucha or water Keifer?


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I am looking for ways to add more fermented foods and pro-biotic drinks into our household.  Which is easier to make and which is easier to flavor?  If my son had anything resembling flavored "fizzy water", he would be thrilled.  I bought some root beer flavored Kombucha at the store and loved it.  So, which is easier and which is easier to flavor?  Thanks!

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Kombucha is mildly alcoholic (many stores here card for 21+). Not sure that's kid friendly. Making it is somewhat of an ordeal; I have a friend who does and it turns out fine, but the process grosses me out. 

DS loves regular keifer; it's a good alternative to yogurt. One wouldn't make it fizzy though. It's essentially like liquid yogurt, but with a stronger taste. (You can buy it flavoured or plain). The smell makes me gag.

I've never heard of water keifer.

Eta: I just looked up water kefir. Quite different from the type we've had! Lol. 

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Kombucha to my knowledge is also mildly or significantly caffeinated if made from black tea, and with recipes I have seen has a huge amount of sugar.  

I’ve not heard of water Keifer.  

Dairy Kefir with live cultures and not sugary would probably be good if child can handle dairy.

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