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  1. Maybe try Teachers Pay Teachers. My favorite teacher-author for high school math is "All Things Algebra". You could look at the semester exams and the final exams for Algebra I. But some of those harder topics might be also contained in Algebra II. You might also look at her Escape Room puzzles. The warmups are also good, but they are just one topic at a time. https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Store/All-Things-Algebra I have also used the spiral review from "One Stop Teacher Shop". That was lesser quality, but it may be more what you are looking for.
  2. I saw a really interesting video during the last election cycle. It talked about how our two-party system has turned to be something so that most people don't vote "for" their candidate. Instead they vote "against" the other guy. For me, that made total sense.
  3. We need an emoji for HUGS. That's all I've got. My heart hurts for you. I would not attend church, or teach a Sunday school class in those conditions.
  4. I used to be a public school teacher. The only thing worse than a difficult kid in class is a difficult kid in detention. Detention at my school lasted until well after our contracted working hours. In addition, it often interfered with our other responsibilities, such as after school clubs or required in-service courses. We were responsible for the student every second from the end of school until they were called for the activity bus. That meant that we were not allowed to take a phone call, go the the copy room, meet with another teacher, or even go to the bathroom. I did not ass
  5. I think twice the time - or more. Some of the maps are hard! But if you get through it, they are wonderful documents to keep for a very long time.
  6. PrincessMommy, Thanks for that piece of information. That should help the OP give advice to her relative. With that said, I would not consider travelling the Beltway to be "around" DC. If I wanted to actually go around, I might go west somewhere between Richmond and Stafford and head north from there! I guess it all depends on where you start from and where end up. But I spent too many years driving to work on the Beltway and I would never willingly do that for one more second. I am lucky to have young drivers in my house who haven't yet gotten weary of that type of traffic!
  7. It is more or less just about back to normal congestion where I drive on Route 95. Not super-heavy weekend vacation traffic level of congestion as we would normally have in June / July. But I am not going anywhere during rush hour either.
  8. I know Sharon Capra. Well, I knew her. She used to teach at the coop where I currently teach. Also my older kids did theater with her younger kids. She is fabulous! My own children were too young for her classes, but everyone thought very highly of her.
  9. Hi Square! Can you please elaborate on this short comment? I was a public school math teacher ages ago. Now that all my kids are old enough, I have been teaching homeschool classes for the last few years. I began reading and getting back into the world of mathematics education. Ideas have really changed. She is super-popular on the math teacher blogs. But I just don't get it. I would love to have more detailed opinion from you about her reforms. Thanks in advance.
  10. Hi KWG, I teach high school math at an in-person coop. (Well now I teach virtually, but anyway...) I would like to assure you that you are not alone. Many other moms have told me exactly what you said here. There are lots of teenagers who get stuck on fractions. Be kind to yourself. You don't mention your son's age, but if he is still in high school, it is not too late. You don't mention what curriculum he used at WTMA, but there is nothing wrong with getting a B (either Saxon or AoPS are challenging courses). If he has finished Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II - it okay n
  11. The Dragon Box apps are excellent. We have used Elements (Geometry) and Algebra 12+. It teaches the concepts of Geometry and Algebra without being obvious about it. I think that the "game" portion of the Geometry is unnecessary. But the main part of the app is fun enough that it keeps kids engaged. (There are also several apps for little kids, which we have never tried.)
  12. If you liked Kinetic Books, maybe give it another try. For the example that you gave, 0.04 is a better answer than writing .04. It is easier to read, and more precise, because you are clarifying that there is no whole number part. When I was teaching middle school math, in the unit on decimals, I would mark kids off if they did not write the number is the preferred format. For decimals, that included a leading zero if necessary. Zeros are important in the base-ten number system that we have, that includes sometimes writing 0.40 instead of 0.4 Studying math is not just about the
  13. "Mathematics: Structure and Method" has course 1 (which was typically 6th grade )and then course 2 (which was typically 7th grade) and then Pre-Algebra (which was typically 8th grade). I have all of these books and there is about 75% overlap from year to year. In other words, there is about 25% new material. You can easily skip any one of these books with a motivated student or involved parent. ( That is typical for middle school. I was a public school middle school math teacher before kids.) The next texts are "Algebra: Structure and Method", etc... OP - how is it going? Many times
  14. Here is what I find works the best for me. But I am really picky and it bothers me when the pages don't line up in the finished spiral notebook. Make sure that the handle is at the bottom (near you). You have to hold the papers firmly against the line at the bottom guide. So with one hand you are pushing the papers gently towards you. Then with the other hand, push the handle quickly to start cutting the holes from the bottom to the top. Once you have done a few holes, you can relax, or even stop for a moment. Of course at that point it is stuck. What you want to avoid is how a page wi
  15. from a math teacher to Math teacher - Hi! I do not know anything about Google Classroom. But goformative is really fun. You can upload a PDF, and then click near the question (on a PDF) and it creates a fillable form. You can make many types of questions - multiple choice, short answer. Even with the free version, you can type math into the questions (but not into the answers without the paid version). I know that it must integrate with Google Classroom, you can sign in automatically with a gmail acccount. If you are watching the kids work, you can see their answers as they type and
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