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  1. If he is goes back to school next year, would he be stuck in that sequence no matter what? So if he goes back this spring, it would be Pre-Algebra? And even if he finishes Foerster Algebra I, he would have to repeat that in 8th grade? Is there a Geometry class for him at this school? Would they let you do all other subjects in their typical routine and then do independent study for math? I think that is a bigger question than going out of order in this textbook. There are lots of equally good sequences for Algebra I. The chapters at the end of this list (Ch 5, 6, 9, 10) are generally harder for most kids. If all that is true, I would find something else for him to do this year. It might be counter productive for him to be in a math class so far below his abilities. There are other things that he could do to keep moving forward mathematically.
  2. I think that the flexibility needs to go both ways. If you want to change her hours from 1:00 pm to 12:30 pm, then you need to give her flexibility to come late on occasion. If you want to switch days, from another day to Friday, then you should allow her to sometimes take a day off and switch to a day that works better for her. You can't have it both ways - at least if you want a happy, productive employee.
  3. I have taken high school kids on Disney cruises and they had a blast in the teen club. I have been on other ships (before kids) and would not take my kids anywhere other than Disney. In fact, even if we went on a cruise without kids, I think that I would still choose Disney.
  4. Mary Washington is fabulous! My son attends as a commuter student, and we are so lucky to live nearby. You can find kids who party, as you would anywhere. But plenty don't. There is enough to do on campus. And with Fredericksburg being a medium-sized town, there are enough things to do off campus if there is something special you enjoy. UMW is not top ranked, like UVA and Tech, but there is challenge there, you might need to find it for yourself. There are certainly harder majors, and harder classes within your major if you want to spend time finding them. They have an honors program. I don't know too much about it, but my son is enjoying his one honors class a bunch. Mary Washington is a small enough school that you should be able to form a relationship with the professors in your major. They will help you to seek out challenges, if your class seems to be review. Both the dorms and the dining halls at Mary Washington have a bad reputation from the on-campus students.
  5. We had a damaged book one semester. My son notified Amazon and they made a note in the file. We were not charged for the book, even though it looked even worse after five months of use. I think that as long as you contact them soon, you can stop worrying.
  6. Sometimes, the "code" that you must purchase for a college course comes with access to an online program that is similar to a graphing calculator. You can try the free program called "Desmos" to see how that might work. But I agree with previous posters, if the professors, the tutors, and everyone else is using a particular calculator, that is what your student will want to use. And yes, the TI calculators are a scam. It is cheaper to get a tablet that runs graphing calculator software, but also does everything else too. Learning to use your graphing calculator is a separate skill from learning to do the math.
  7. A function is a special type of relationship in math where each input has exactly one output. There are several ways to write a function. You can draw a graph. You can organize the inputs and outputs into a table. You can draw a mapping. A mapping is like a list, but you draw arrows to show the relationship from each input to the correct output. If you look at the Wikipedia page linked below, the mappings are on the right side of the page, with big ovals marked, X and Y. There is an oval for Set X, which is the list of all elements that are inputs. This is called the domain. And there is Set Y, which is the list of all the items that are outputs, which is called the range. So, an equation is one more way to explain (define) a function. It is often the most useful way. You would not want to make a list (either a table or a mapping) of a function where any number can be used as an input. You cannot write an infinitely long table. But you can write an equation, which is valid for all real numbers as the input. Does that help? (But this Wikipedia page is way too detailed if you are just beginning to study functions. I only linked it because you mentioned it and it has some good diagrams.
  8. One of the best teacher-authors on TPT for algebra is "All Things Algebra". There is a sale going on right now (Aug 20th). 20 to 25% off is the best sale you will ever find on TpT. All Things Algebra has an active Facebook group of teachers. If you are stuck, and ask in the group, you can usually get an answer quickly. I have the Warmups. They are short (half-page) reviews of one topic. But they cover everything, but in short little bites. And the End of Course (EOC) review packets and quizzes are also good if you want some longer assignments.
  9. I used to go to a practice where you would always see a PA. The only way to get an appointment with the doctor was to go through the PA. I think that you can get excellent care with a PA, or not - just like an MD.
  10. I have found many of the TpT "teacher-authors" to be very responsive. Perhaps you can contact the person who produced the packet and ask for suggestions for how to make the activity shorter?
  11. If you don't need one in color, these are $88.
  12. Try Krazy Dad puzzles. Most of them are printable - things like Sodoku of various types. There are many types of logic and spatial reasoning puzzles. He has made them computer generated, so if you find a style that you like, there are unlimited versions, and a range of difficulty. Edited to add: My current favorite is Slitherlinks. But even the easiest versions are not-so-easy. You might try looking at the answer key and adding some more hints until you understand the strategies for playing this puzzle.
  13. These puzzles have the same idea. Maybe they will work. You can print out an infinite number of unique puzzles, since they are computer generated.
  14. I think that Jann (is it in Texas?) uses these texts for her online courses. Maybe tag her and she can give you her opinion?
  15. I have a equally old Dolciani Geometry book. I found it helpful. I would be very happy to find a copy of a free college geometry textbook from that decade. KEEP IT!
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