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  1. Try this group! Hope that helps. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1644453492457034
  2. Maybe take a look at Luma Learn. It seems like they offer more full, year-long courses. Although that might not be the way that you want to begin.
  3. I have a Surface that I use for teaching my co-op classes. When it connects to the projector or my virtual classes, I love how well the touch screen and stylus work. I do not think that such an expensive computer would be necessary otherwise. I could only justify the expenditure because I make a little money teaching.
  4. My older son took over some driving duties for the younger ones almost immediately. He also was the designated shopper for last minute items, saving my husband time on occasion. It was part of the plan. It made it worthwhile to spend the time and money teaching him to drive and having a third car. Even four years later, now that he is in college, he is responsible for one weekly round trip for a younger sibling, with flexibility as needed. That expectation will continue until he purchases his own vehicle.
  5. Maybe you CPAP machine needs to be readjusted? Can you see your leakage, average pressure, and number of apeneas when you wake up in the morning? I can tell before I even open my eyes if my numbers are good or not. Before treatment, my apneas would wake me up just like that. Some nights a terrifying dream, other nights I was fully awake every thirty to forty-five minutes. And when I do occasionally have a restless night like that now (with the machine), my apneas are always way too high. Maybe you need a refresh on your CPAP machine settings, or just a new style of mask?
  6. I think that it would be singular "needs", as in the couple needs a ride.
  7. My son used this text (with the now defunct Lone Pine). It absolutely can be used as a high school course. Lone Pine used it over two years. The companion (blue book) and the workbook (exercitia) are very helpful, but I never tried to find the answer key for the homework, since his teacher provided the checking. This was very successful start for him, now he is a senior Classics / Linguistics major. Lingua Latina per se illustrata series (hackettpublishing.com) Also, Dwanye Thomas uses these books in his courses from his website (and something a bit different from Compass Classroom. I am thinking about using this course for my younger two kids. It is one of the things that I need to research and decide about this summer. Dwane Thomas | Think Outside the Border Hope that helps!
  8. There is a large homeschool book sale in Loudoun County next month. It is at Blue Ridge Bible. I can't seem to find the website right now. But I will in the morning if you are interested.
  9. They must know that the previous owners to your favorite house have some crazy wall colors. So you will need to do some repainting as soon as you move in!
  10. Two of my children have taken private piano lessons, starting about age 7 or 8 years old. I would have loved to have a daytime discount, even a small one. Our previous teacher expected homeschool students to take the daytime slots. But she did not offer any discount. Some years it worked easily, other years it didn't. But I always resented the expectation that we were more flexible than any other family.
  11. I have a similar issue. Most of the time that we eat out, I have uncomfortable digestion, even while still in the restaurant. But if we have take-out, even the same exact foods - no issues. I believe that mine is caused by the dish detergent that is used at the restaurant. My understanding (from a caterer who worked in commercial kitchens) is that there is an additive in the final rinse that is supposed to be left to dry on the dishes. The rinse has some microbial properties, but it clearly does not agree with me. Hope that helps!
  12. Tea tree oil worked for my yucky toenail. I dribbled one small drop onto my nail every time I got out of the shower. I didn't notice any change for a few weeks, but kept at it. It took a long time, maybe months, before it was completely better. But it was a very easy thing to do once it became a habit. Good luck!
  13. You might try Refit (or Refit Rev / Revolution). There are tons of videos on Youtube. Many of them are Christian songs, if that's what you like. I like the videos just with the instructors. That will be three to seven women leading the routine. But there are also lots of videos with an entire class of participants. I find those to be too distracting and difficult to follow. They also have a paid subscription service, but I have not tried that.
  14. We had a twin over full sized bunkbed. It worked for our circumstances. When we got it we had a 12 year old and a 3 year old. And they used it for a few years. Eventually, we moved, had more kids and more bedrooms. We were able to take it apart and use each bed separately. That worked well, but the frame of the top bunk was a bit strange and we often knocked into it. Anyway, when it was set up as intended, it was a really nice bed.
  15. I will not quote, as requested. But it might be important to remember that this woman is one of the organizers who is responsible for running the classes. That is very different from just having a conflict with another mom.
  16. But, for me at least, a huge part of in-person coops is meeting my social needs too. And, in some regard, even for my husband, even if he only comes occasionally. There are many ways to educate your child these days. But, other than here, there are so few options to make friends with other moms who do what we do all day long. The time away from home (and academically rigorous courses) only makes sense if all of us are having valuable relationships.
  17. I am involved in a somewhat similar situation. I used to teach for an in-person coop. Although there was no argument, there were many hurt feelings, probably on both sides. We disagreed about the best measures to implement in regards to the pandemic. My understanding is that they are continuing to meet in-person, but the focus of their mitigation efforts are new cleaning procedures. In any case, I needed to mentally move on. There are too many other options to pursue to go back into a stressful situation, with difficult relationships. I have gently made it clear to my kids that the season for that particular coop is over. We will find new friends, and new activities. Life is too short to go backwards. ETA: And hugs to you, whatever-number-you-might-be-today!
  18. Maybe he wants a new "calculator" for the two of you to use!
  19. Maybe try Teachers Pay Teachers. My favorite teacher-author for high school math is "All Things Algebra". You could look at the semester exams and the final exams for Algebra I. But some of those harder topics might be also contained in Algebra II. You might also look at her Escape Room puzzles. The warmups are also good, but they are just one topic at a time. https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Store/All-Things-Algebra I have also used the spiral review from "One Stop Teacher Shop". That was lesser quality, but it may be more what you are looking for.
  20. I saw a really interesting video during the last election cycle. It talked about how our two-party system has turned to be something so that most people don't vote "for" their candidate. Instead they vote "against" the other guy. For me, that made total sense.
  21. We need an emoji for HUGS. That's all I've got. My heart hurts for you. I would not attend church, or teach a Sunday school class in those conditions.
  22. I used to be a public school teacher. The only thing worse than a difficult kid in class is a difficult kid in detention. Detention at my school lasted until well after our contracted working hours. In addition, it often interfered with our other responsibilities, such as after school clubs or required in-service courses. We were responsible for the student every second from the end of school until they were called for the activity bus. That meant that we were not allowed to take a phone call, go the the copy room, meet with another teacher, or even go to the bathroom. I did not assign after-school detention, it was so much work and it rarely corrected the problem anyway.
  23. I think twice the time - or more. Some of the maps are hard! But if you get through it, they are wonderful documents to keep for a very long time.
  24. PrincessMommy, Thanks for that piece of information. That should help the OP give advice to her relative. With that said, I would not consider travelling the Beltway to be "around" DC. If I wanted to actually go around, I might go west somewhere between Richmond and Stafford and head north from there! I guess it all depends on where you start from and where end up. But I spent too many years driving to work on the Beltway and I would never willingly do that for one more second. I am lucky to have young drivers in my house who haven't yet gotten weary of that type of traffic!
  25. It is more or less just about back to normal congestion where I drive on Route 95. Not super-heavy weekend vacation traffic level of congestion as we would normally have in June / July. But I am not going anywhere during rush hour either.
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