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Who's going to tackle Saturday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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Good morning!  DH arrived home after 1 am from his business trip.  Lots to do today before we leave tomorrow for the week.

-ask DH to teach DS14 how to use to scan documents with our system
-scrub kitchen/laundry room floor (sigh)
-laundry DONE: 0
-pick up/drop off drycleaning
-take my car for 2 new tires

-think about what to pack for trip
-decide whether to drop Scooby off at the kennel tonight or tomorrow AM (not sure what time we are leaving, kennel opens at 6)
-dinner (no idea what at this point)
-watch Clemson football at 7 pm

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Good morning!

Quiet house this morning - dh is off playing pickle ball, dd is sleeping, and my dogs are out chasing each other in the snow. I don't have much on my agenda today - I'm hoping for a quiet and relaxing day.

  • tidy up a little
  • remind dh to pick up a bag of ice
  • laundry - wash bedding 
  • get boys' beds made since they'll be home in a few days
  • repot houseplants (has been on my list for the past couple weeks but haven't gotten around to it)
  • make salad dressing
  • clean out one of the tack trunks in mudroom and use it to store my equine medical supplies that I brought in from the barn
  • dinner: creamy mushroom wild rice soup
  • read tonight (got a very interesting new book on genetics, but have been too tired to read much of it the past few days)
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Good morning! Enjoying a quiet house with a cup of mocha and some reading.

  • Un-sign up for something.
  • Get a Redbox movie.
  • Pick up my turkey and a few other items at the Farmers' Market.   
  • Grocery. Remember ice!!
  • Help Dd plan what work to do today.  
  • Basic house cleaning
  • Help Ds make a pecan pie
  • Deskwork. Budget/bills. Health insurance -discuss options with Dh.
  • Do 2019 calendar. It is hanging up, but I need to put all the dates from our activites on there. 
  • Watch a movie? 

Dinner is fajitas. 

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Good morning! ds3 is sleeping, dh and dd2 went to practice/work out and the house is quiet. It is raining here and supposed to turn into snow later. I have some things on my list-but nothing urgent.

  • coffee/paper
  • some laundry
  • write
  • calendar stuff
  • jen things
  • hotel/flights for senior weekend for dd1
  • general pickup
  • ds3 to tennis/pick up late

Have a great day!

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Morning, all!  I have access to a computer now, so can finally join up again.

To do:

Coffee, bible reading

drop off floor stuff for contractor

coffee, pedicure

start sorting books for the big move

work on some grading

shop for new bedroom set

dinner out with dh


read, relax, watch tv

Have a great day!

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Howdy - late to the party, but I've been busy all day!

  • Kid 2 ready to go to horse riding, but she delayed at the last minute so I asked someone else to drive her kuz Kid 1 was on a schedule.
  • Kid 1 to basketball "Jamboree" (4 hours of short games) - we had the time wrong so we did work in the car before it started.
  • Kid 1 to pick up race packages for Thanksgiving race.
  • Pick up Kid 2 & grab lunch.
  • Kids to TKD camp; they got step tested and passed.
  • Work during TKD camp.
  • Quick dinner.
  • Kids work on Confirmation test and practice instruments.
  • Kid 1 trying on cheer stuff to confirm what fits & what should be returned.
  • Some random cleaning, organizing, and stuff like that.
  • Kids to bed.
  • More work.  I finally got 7 companies' financials done and sent out.
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