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Who's going to tackle Thursday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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Good morning! 

-DS17 to school
-get DS14 started
-work as teacher's assistant from 8:15-11:45
-grocery store for shrimp and coconut aminos (need for tonight so can no longer put this trip off)

-calls I absolutely, positively must make today:  water guy, groomer
-clean like a madwoman for the two realtors coming tomorrow
-acquaintance in the cabinet business coming by to see if it is possible to update the kids bathroom vanities within their existing footprint (I would love to do a complete remodel of the bathrooms but that will not happen)

-dinner (shrimp scampi that DS14 is cooking) - nope went out and got Greek food for 14 and I, and DS17 will pick up something after baseball
-finish any last minute cleaning/straightening/sort of staging the house
-take inventory to see if we have enough clothes for even one day up in SC this upcoming week (we have about 2 weeks of pants/sweatshirt weather here in FL and it will be in the 40s/50s where we are going - I am not even sure I have any closed toe shoes....)

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Good morning!

  • school w/dd
  • office work (need to get at least four hours done)
  • a few loads of laundry
  • work on menu plan & shopping list for the next week and figure out what I need for Thanksgiving
  • start figuring out what to get the kids for Christmas
  • dinner: lemony red lentil spinach stew
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Good morning! We are still figuring out life with one car- hopefully finished tomorrow. I have a new volunteer gig at church, so we'll see how that goes. The kids had various practices this morning in overlapping locations so that worked perfectly.

  • coffee/paper
  • walk to pick up car at school
  • pick up ds3 from tennis
  • home to get him started on school
  • volunteer
  • write
  • chores
  • jen things
  • pizza for dinner

Have a great day!

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Well the day isn't starting out that great because BP very high (forgot medication last night) and missing Bible Study.

On the good news, I made an appointment with a new rheumatologist (my old one closed practice) and it is at the end of Dec.

  • Breakfast and medicines
  • continue laundry
  • change bed sheets and comforter to winter
  • go food shopping 
  • decide on dinner
  • keep uncluttering
  • make travel plans for February\
  • deal with insurance issue
  • Pies?  ( I am so, so, so not into making any pies right now- we are supposed to make pies as a church outreach activity) 


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Howdy!  This morning we started out with sleet, then snow, and now it's raining.  Happy mid-November!

Today is a deadline day.  I have some of the work out already, but lots left to do.  Zoiks.

  • Up in the wee hours putzing on the internet.
  • Up at 6:30 kuz kids needed to be at Power of the Pen at 7:40.
  • Packed gym bag & car study book (spelling), helped with grammar kids didn't finish yesterday, drove kids to school.
  • Drove to the ATM but realized I forgot my wallet.
  • Cleaned out the car, got the mail, dragged the garbage can up.
  • Cleaned the kitchen, bathrooms, and some clutter.
  • Cleaned kid's cheer shoes with bleach in the hope that the dingy part will look white for Friday's performance.
  • A little reading.
  • Sent out some work.
  • Made an amazon order for pet food & vitamin D.
  • Ordered Tinker Crate subscription for niece's birthday.
  • Got caught up on social media, emails, news, online school info.
  • Updated school sponsorship for 3 kids in Latin America for 2019.
  • Made this post.

To do:

  • More coffee.
  • Exercise?
  • Lots of work.
  • Sign up for "volunteer" work at kid's ball games.
  • Fill out application and check for Saturday TKD camp for kids to submit at class today.  (Driver will take them to class.)
  • Other school forms.
  • Process the clothes that are in the dryer from yesterday.
  • Some sort of dinner.
  • Kids' homework help and stuff like that.
  • Read-aloud?
  • Kids to bed.
  • Work.
  • Whatever I'm forgetting.
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I was super stupid last night and accidentally took my morning meds including thyroid at night. Since I had, of course, taken my thyroid pills for the day in the morning, this overdosed me. I was having wonky heart stuff and was buzzing for hours. Dh (an RN) said to skip today’s dose. I am glad that I did, because I am still buzzing. I am hoping that my body will settle down soon and that I can nap later. 

Human care minus thyroid meds done. 

Pet care done 

medical care done 

did about two minutes of tutoring prep but can’t do any more until I am home 

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You can tell it's a deadline day because I can't focus on work.  That will come later.  ?

I did some some exercises, more housework, fed the critters.  In attempting to find something I decided to clean out a drawer that hasn't been cleaned in decades.  The drawer is still too full and I still didn't find what I was looking for.  ?

I did some organizing toward the "calendar" work I keep talking about.  I found a paper that suggested my kid has an eye appointment on Thanksgiving Eve.  Who knew?  ?

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Got lots of office work done today. I'm almost all the way to the bottom of the to-do pile on my desk - yay! I had four cats keeping me company in my office. They love to lounge around on my desk because it's in a sunny spot.?

Dinner is frozen pizza since I worked late.

Got caught up on laundry, did a little cleaning, and roasted four pans of vegetables. Horse chores are done for the day.

Now I just need to feed the dogs and then I'm going to spend the evening with my new book


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I am glad you are ok, Jean!


Morning list mostly done. More deskwork to do tomorrow, if I get any time in between driving my kids places.

Made breakfast for dh for tomorrow, since he has to be up and gone super early. 

Figured out a basic schedule for tomorrow. 

Next up, start a new novel. 


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