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Who's going to tackle Friday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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Good morning!  Up again before 4:30 am.  Hair appointment for DS14 and I today, right smack in the middle of the day.  Who plans these?

-DS17 off to school (he has been in a foul mood lately)
-school with DS14 (biology midterm and spanish exam before hair)
-leave for hair appointment (11 am)
-DS14 finishes schoolwork
-I guess start decluttering and keep a running list of minor home improvements that need to be done in order to move
-discuss weekend with DH (I think we need to be doing home repairs and decluttering, he thinks we should go to the Clemson game in Tallahassee)
-early dinner (salmon)
-DH's little league team has a game tonight, I have to keep scorebook - YAY!  Cancelled for rain!!

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Good morning!

  • school w/dd
  • have ds20 help me with some outside/barn work & check the brakes on my car
  • office work (finish up October bills, get bank deposits ready)
  • errands (bank, post office, gas, pick up meds at both vets, stop at two grocery stores)
  • vacuum steps
  • straighten up coat closet (been putting this off all week)
  • dinner: ?? definitely something healthy, though, because I gained 3 lbs. after eating Japanese food last night 
  • watch baseball w/dh tonight (although baseball is not nearly as much fun to watch as hockey and I always fall asleep right away)
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Good morning! 

  • Ds to tutorial.  
  • Dd to orthodontist for a quick repair.   
  • Help Dd stay on track with school work. Brain fog is thick here lately!! 
  • Go by my mom's.  
  • Party City for Samurai swords for Ds' costume!   
  • Costco to return something.  
  • Bank - my card is compromised, ugh!  
  • Deskwork
  • Ds to/from swimming.

Dinner is lettuce wraps and pot stickers.

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Bummer about your card- Scout. And Pink and Green, I am with your dh- go to the game! A whole weekend of work is depressing- but one... well, that just says-Hey we got started! In the ongoing saga of my dmil's move to independent living, she has decided to fire her decorator and hire me. I am not a decorator- but I seem to be the only one to understand how much she doesn't want to make any of these decisions at all. So using all the wiles I have naturally and honed against independent contrary teens, I am now the one to help her pick out things for the apartment and worse, deliver the bad news that she will not be able to take what she thinks she will be able to take. Because her move-in date is January 1. Which is coming up fast.

  • coffee/paper-dh is working from home today-so he and ds3 will play tennis at some point this morning.
  • school with ds3
  • write
  • chores
  • school with ds3
  • haircut with ds3
  • ds3 to tennis
  • check in with dd2
  • pick up ds3
  • dinner- dh grilling chicken, I think

Have a great day!

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Not too bad so far.  Though I am feeling really stressed.

  • Kid 1 up early to complete a writing assignment.  Kid 2 up an hour later.
  • Kids off to the school bus on time, yay!  (I forgot to comb Kid 2's hair though ... I hope she did a good job of it.)
  • Cleaned the kitchen and some clutter.
  • Sent some work out.
  • Caught up on social media, news, emails.
  • Coffee 1.

To do:

  • Coffee 2.
  • Lots of work.
  • Training conference call.
  • I think the kids' toilet needs to be plunged.
  • Bills.
  • Calendar.
  • Filing.
  • Exercise???
  • Pay for TKD belt test which is tomorrow.
  • Birthday card / gift card for kids' friend.
  • Kids to birthday party.
  • Shopping and maybe work in the car.
  • Kids back home.
  • Read-aloud?
  • Kids to bed.
  • Prep for tomorrow - (1) kid 2 to horse riding (2) kid 1 to 5K Trick or Trot (3) both kids to TKD belt test (4) kids to Trunk r Treat at church (5) Kid 2's gymnastics performance.
  • Work if I'm awake enough.
  • Whatever I'm forgetting.



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Changed dinner to leftovers since Dh is out with friends.

Reserved library books.

Checked on youth basketball leagues.

DW running.

Kitchen linens washed and in the dryer.

Watched a movie with kids. 

Listening to Close Reads now. 


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