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Who's going to tackle Tuesday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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Good morning!

-DS17 off to school

-school with DS13 (three live classes today)
-doctor at 8:20 am

-workout (the upper body weights I didn't do yesterday)
-laundry DONE: 0
-make marinade for london broil
-dinner (aforementioned london broil, baked potatoes, vegetable of some type)
-watch a few episodes of Cheers with DH and the kids

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Good morning!

Ds18 is feeling much better this morning. Pretty sure it was a reaction to the shots he got on Sunday. Dh is running him back up to school now.

  • early morning vet appt. (dental work for horses - could take a few hours)
  • school w/dd
  • office work (bills)
  • dust/vacuum main floor & clean bath
  • really need to order a few things we need for remodeling
  • dinner: Banh mi bowls (the ones I didn't make yesterday because it turned out to be a hectic day *willy nilly*)
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Good morning!

  • prepare breakfast
  • take morning medications
  • update calendar for month
  • decide on plan for this evening
  • depending on plan, either get tickets or get food
  • return library books and go light shopping
  • go to meeting with candidates
  • try to get in touch with dog trainer (I found a dog trainer who will train a small service dog for me - for my home)
  • rest
  • go to evening activity or make dinner
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Good morning! Dh is going back to work, so I should have a more productive day. Yesterday was derailed by kids, dh, and baseball. Dh is a diehard Rockies fan and I have always been a Dodgers girl, so it was a long afternoon. But woo hoo!! (quietly).

  • ds3 to school
  • coffee/paper
  • phone calls
  • write/exercise
  • bank/grocery store
  • chores/other phone calls
  • read
  • homework/recruiting with dd2
  • pick up ds3/pick up re-strung racket
  • dd2 to practice
  • ds3 to private
  • late dinner: pancakes, sausages, fruit along with baseball

Have a great day!

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Good morning! Yesterday was not very productive for me because Ds was a pill all day and Dd was bogged down with some school work. Hopefully today will flow better. Several things on my list from yesterday. 

  • Dd to tutorial
  • School with Ds
  • Call mom
  • Talk to a neighbor
  • Meal planning
  • Ds to/from science class
  • budget/bills


Dinner is something with the thin sliced chx breasts I have thawed and veggies from our CSA box. 

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Hi guys.  Happy Tuesday, a little late ....

It's been a pretty busy and productive day.  I am working on several transaction exits and everyone acts like it's a mega emergency, but for the moment I am taking a breather.  The sad part is that I can't really make solid progress on my everyday work when this chaos is going on.

  • Slept like normal people.
  • Kid wanted to get up at 5:30 to work on math, but ended up starting at 6:15.  Got it done.
  • Kids off to the school bus.
  • Cleaned the kitchen.
  • Steady working since then, including 2 conference calls ....
  • Planning for evening and stuff.

To do:

  • More work.
  • Bills.
  • Kids' work.
  • Kids to horse riding / garden volunteer job.
  • Dinner out?
  • Make kids clean out critter cage!
  • Kids' homework, music practice.
  • Read-aloud.
  • Kids to bed.
  • Take out the garbage?
  • Work / sleep.
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Human care done  

pet care done  

medical care done  

dishwasher rebooted  

made appointment for dd with the doc today after waiting on hold for twenty minutes again. I finally gave in and inputted my number for a call back and got an immediate call back. I guess that they don’t actually answer the phones. 

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I hope you got your lunch date, Pink and Green. Looking pitiful comes easily to me, but the thin part not so much.

My vet appt. lasted almost four hours, but we got a lot done. Five of the horses were sedated for dental work and a few other needed procedures. The bill is going to be a whopper...note to self: Be sure to intercept bill before dh sees it.?

Did some office work and dealt with a couple loads of laundry that needed hanging and folding.

Ds19 called twice wanting to talk about his calculus quiz. He is such a perfectionist and I am constantly trying to get him to ease up on himself.

Time to clean my messy kitchen now.

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  • Found a recipe for pumpkin pancakes.
  • DW running
  • Folded some laundry.
  • Read libary books with Ds.
  • Washer started with a load of kitchen linens.
  • Tried to sign Ds up for homeschool swim team, only to find all their meets are on days we can't do, mostly Sundays. :sad:


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