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The Encouragement Teachers Lounge 9-17-2018


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Good morning, all!

Because I'm feeling pretty low to the ground this morning, I want to make sure the rest of you DON'T!

I KNOW that you are an AMAZING Mama, teacher, nurse, chef, doctor, and cheerleader to your kids. I know they don't appreciate it now, but they will.
I know your spouse can just drive you downright NUTS sometimes. All spouses do that! KNOW this - your spouse LOVES YOU but they may not love
themselves right now. It's true. So often we get caught up in our own funk that we don't see the hurt in those closest to us. You are most likely NOT the cause
of their hurt - there are other things going on. PRAY for them! LOVE them! Let them know you are here for them. And ask them to do the same for you!

What's happening in your world today? Here: I get to start out this lovely morning by getting my car towed to the mechanic. Yippee! We may or may not get any academia done.

What would you rather be doing today? Here: Seriously, I'd rather be camping in the mountains.

How can you make today special IN SPITE of your circumstances? Here: maybe we'll have a family boardgame day. Or we'll turn off all the lights and pretend we're pioneers. I'd
say we could go swimming, but our private community pool is literally mid-repair and it is completely drained. Kind of like me right now. HA!

Talk to me! Love you all!

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Aw, I hope your day gets better, Scrap!  And that the car doesn't have anything too serious wrong. ?  Car troubles are the worst.

Our agenda today includes school, the park and yardwork. I'm not a fan of the last.  I think I'm the only one in this house who knows how to run the lawnmower right now and I'm tired.  It's fall, so my little forest is busy dropping all the leaves, which I'll either rake up and shred or just go over it with the lawnmower before I edge.  I'm leaning toward the mower.
I'd rather be about two weeks later into fall, honestly.  At the beginning of October we'll go apple picking and to the cranberry festival, and the pumpkin farm and eat apple cider donuts..right now it's that weird heat before the rain and I'd rather not be doing all of the above in 80 degree weather.

I'm not going to make today special, lol.  The exhaustion of the weekend is catching up to me.  Maybe if the youngest is lucky I'll take him by the penny candy store before we go to the park, but it will really depend on how many cookies he ate.  They're leftover from yesterday's tea time, and the first time he's ever had snickerdoodles.

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Good afternoon, Scrap! I'm sorry you are down but thank you for encouraging us in the midst of it!

Today is a normal Monday, school with ds, tutor 1 student, meals, house stuff, taking ds to swim tonight, working on coming classes (Awana and co-op). 

I would rather be with my Daddy today. My older sister is going to his house tonight because he has his chemo port put in tomorrow along with a biopsy. She is able to go this week, and Tuesday is my busiest tutoring day (4 students). Thankfully, all my students' parents have said they will work with me on scheduling as I need, so I'm holding off asking for changes to it until the chemo starts.

I'll have to think on the making it special because of swim tonight and Monday night football. LOL! 

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Hi Scrap,

Sorry you are having a hard time! Wish I could make something better for you. Car repairs, big or small, stink!

Dh and I were encouraged in our marraige this past weekend by a speaker at church.

Regular day here, but schoolwork took way, way longer than it should have. Dd is still learning to gauge how long things actually take. She is pokey! She and I were supposed to go shopping tonight, but she hasn't finished an assignment that is due tomorrow. Maybe I will watch a movie instead? 

Dinner is chx chili and it's made.

Ds and Dh have Scouts tonight, so 2 hrs of quiet.


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Hope your day gets better Scrap!  

Whats happening here?

Orthodontist visit for two kids.  Though I have no idea how we will afford treatment if they need it.  Even on a monthly payment plan... ugh.

swimming assessment and TKD this evening.

id rather be staying in bed and reading to be honest.  I seem to have a pattern where I start mondays energetic and by Tuesday I’m exhausted already!


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I hope your day got better, Scrap.

A mostly typical Monday for me.  I taught three classes that were fun and went well, then had a 4-H meeting that we just got home from.  It was a little crazy because my original plan (Scribble Robots) didn't work so I had to come up with something else, but Plan B worked well and was fun (Fluorescence).

Not too much I'd rather be doing although I wouldn't have said no to a little more sleep this morning.

Two classes tomorrow, then a break before I'm hosting a Teen/Tween Hang-out for a couple hours, then a trip to the Y, then taking Dd to TKD.

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7 hours ago, scrapbookbuzz said:

Toto, when you say you're "hosting teen/tween hangout" is that at your house? How does that work?

No way would my house work, too small.

I rent a space for my science classes that is bigger than my house and dedicated to my programs.  From 2 to 4pm on Tuesdays, I open it to kids 10 to 14 years old to hang-out, play games, watch videos, whatever they want to do.  I have a bunch of games, paper, drawing materials, a Lego wall, they can also use our Green Screen, robots, etc.  Mostly it's kids in my classes and/or 4-H program.   We just started last week but so far, so good.  

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