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Who's going to tackle Sunday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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I plan to sleep in if I can.  We'll see if this body lets me.

  • Work - lots of reports and invoices due.  Would like to get lots of filing done also.
  • House -
  • - Laundry.
  • - Coat / shoe closet - organize, get rid of stuff that doesn't fit.
  • - Have kids clean up the mess from Saturday's friend visit.
  • - Inventory school clothes, cull outgrown stuff and list what needs to be bought for 2018-19.
  • - Prepare in-kind donations.
  • School forms.
  • Personal filing, bills ....
  • Kids' work -
  • - Study skills make-up work.
  • - Vision therapy.
  • - TKD forms practice.
  • - Confirm that we have white TKD uniforms that fit for black belt test.
  • - Check progress on some scout badges.
  • Groceries?  For camp lunches (mainly fruits / bread if needed)
  • Read-aloud.
  • Whatever I'm forgetting.
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Good morning!

I've been working for IEW at the convention in Atlanta the last two days. Dh and I had a "date day" before we went up to attend it. Now, I have to spend the rest of today getting ready to leave town. Ds is going across country with his girlfriend's family, who is moving to Colorado. He'll fly back with two others going out. I leave tomorrow for Ohio to help my MIL get to cataract surgery and her followup appointment. Dh starts back to school tomorrow. It's a busy season!

To Do:

  • church
  • lunch out
  • laundry
  • pay bills
  • grocery list and shopping for dh and dd 
  • packing ds and myself 
  • gender reveal party for friend having twins
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Good morning!

It is dh's birthday today - he's 52!

Our lab puppy Ollie is very sweet but not the smartest little fellow. There are two watermelons on our kitchen counter that have been there since yesterday. Ollie just noticed them and is convinced they are something very, very dangerous. He is going to save us all by barking at the top of his lungs. I picked one up to show him, "See? It's nothing scary" but he cannot be convinced otherwise.:laugh: 

  • plan my week
  • absolutely must place Chewy order today
  • also absolutely must vacuum upstairs, been putting it off for 3 days now and the dog fur tumbleweeds keep growing and growing
  • dd & I are going to make dh's fresh fruit cake (fingers crossed it will turn out like the pictures we saw on pinterest, but I kinda doubt it)
  • hopefully, get some rest and relaxation - just lounge around and read for awhile
  • dinner: Thai food birthday extravaganza
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Good morning! I slept in a little and got some writing done. Dh and ds3 are playing tennis. The only thing we have to do is rental car exchange (dh found a cheaper one-and we don't know how long we are going to need it).  Dh is so grumpy about the car situation that no one is even talking about possible scenarios.

  • daily chores
  • get ds2 to make a list of errands, things to do and things he needs
  • update calendar for next week
  • read a little
  • drive all over for rental car stuff
  • no idea what girls are up to today
  • quilt if I can get in the mood
  • work on other projects

Have a great day!


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This time I won while playing the game and doing laundry. When I won while literally chopping vegetables at the table and going back and forth to the stove, my dh said it could be a new version of Chopped, you have to win the rounds and win a board game at the same time. LOL!


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Well I was up on the internet until 5am.  Then I slept until 11am, went down and ate breakfast and made coffee, and sat watching the movie my kids had put on (Boss Baby).  Then I took my coffee upstairs and put it on the warmer and went back to bed.  I woke up about 6pm.

I'm now calling this my catch-up-on-sleep day.  ?

So obviously I am not going to do everything I had planned, but none of it was life-or-death, so who cares.  I'll most likely get it done through the week.

Now my main goals are making sure the kids are showered and in bed by 10pm, and making sure I don't forget to wake up tomorrow morning.

(I probably will still get a reasonable amount of work and laundry done though.)

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I just realized part of one of my posts is missing, so I think my phrasing seemed weird on the last one. The things we think we do!

The gender reveal party was great, and they are having a boy and a girl!

Laundry is almost done, so we can start packing.

Groceries are bought, but I haven't paid bills yet. Ds has to be at his girlfriend's house at 6 AM, so I'll be up and have some time in the morning to do things, too. 


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