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So if yoga pants are bad...


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I had to look up camp, just out of curiosity, in this case, does it mean gay or vulgar?

Is that what the dictionary said? That seems awfully negative.


I've always taken camp or campy to mean silly and over-the-top humor, often involving sexual innuendo and/or cross-dressing.


Like The Hasty Pudding or Benny Hill but also a lot of farces.

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Not negative. Silly and ott.


Well, that's what I meant.  "Camp" to me means something silly and fun, whereas 'vulgar' is usually a negative term. Calling something 'gay' does not in my mind equate with farcical romp, but seems misplaced.


(I will admit now to not knowing what 'ott' means... :lol:) 

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