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Dr. Hive: chest pressure


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My DIL was in the hospital twice last week, once an ambulance trip to ER and 4 days later admitted for test, due to chest pressure, shortness of breath, feeling warm etc.

They have decided it is a very strong reaction to a flu virus. She is on limited activity for the next three weeks.

Having said that, I would get it checked immediately to be sure.

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Chest pressure can be muscle (not just the heart muscle but muscles in the chest and even shoulder pulling everything tight).


Chest pressure can be inflammation - either an asthma type inflammation or something like costochondritis (inflammation of the breastbone) or pericarditis (inflammation of the lining of the sac that holds the heart).  Both costochondritis and pericarditis are extremely painful though (I've had both) so probably not that.


Chest pressure can be from panic attack.


Or chest pressure can be the actual heart.


Over half of these things are serious things that need medical treatment. 

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