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8th Grader Geography

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Thanks in advance for any assistance. I'm in the last weeks of planning school (my girls will be in 12,11,10 and 8th grades) when I became painfully aware that my youngest has NO sense of geography. State capitols, location of countries etc. I'm hoping to find a program that will address this that I can add to your schedule. Does anyone have any recommendations? I can't let her start high school next year with this gap. I've been so busy planning high school and waited until last because I thought that 8th grade was ready to go (she's my fifth 8th grader). Sigh..Taking deep breaths and trying not to panic. 

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For a full program with literature tied in, Build Your Library grade 7. It's heavy on the reading, light on the writing. (BYL grade 8 is history of science.)


For a textbooky program look at Oak Meadow's high school world geography. Very doable by the average 8th grader. It's a standard ps textbook with an OM student guide with extra notes and assignments.

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I was going to say Memoria Press, too. Excellent. They even have lesson plans, if you want them.


Veritas Press has a very nice (and expensive for the workbooks) geography program, too. 

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Around the World on 180 Days if they like research and are self motivated

Trail Guides to World and US Geography if they prefer having the assignments clear and laid out for them

Both are relatively cheap and get the job done and we've had success with both here.


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