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  1. My older (2e) guy flat-out refuses to do any outside or online classes. The kid just loves a good textbook. And not having to interact with other people. After some trial and error this year, we have settled on a pretty decent (albeit not too challenging) plan for him. Working mainly on keeping his anxiety at a manageable level. 9th grade (this year) Saxon Algebra 2 World History using Holt Patterns of Interaction text. I print out lesson quizzes and chapter tests from the online teacher resource. Friendly Chemistry WWS1 (we tried it in 7th grade and he just could not handle it.) Finishing up Hake Grammar 8 James Madison Critical Thinking AGS World Literature Text (just got this) + other reading we do together He is also playing around with DuoLingo 10th grade finish Saxon Algebra 2, I guess start Saxon Advanced Math if he is ready World Geography (either Paradigm Accelerated, or the Holt Text) Biology or Environmental Science (Oak Meadow maybe?) Foreign Language TBD, considering MIddlebury Interactive Looking at the textwords book for lit If we get through WWS1, we will move to WWS2 Economics (considering Paradigm Accelerated)
  2. Historically, what I plan for and purchase for the upcoming school year goes bye-bye by September. I think I now have a handle on this. I finally have accepted the fact that no matter what I like, or how I would have loved to learn, or how all the kids on this board learn, these guys are just not going to suddenly morph into read-and-write-for-fun, follow-rabbit-trails-all-the-livelong-day, scholars. Kid 1 has turned into somewhat of an unschooler. I finally realized how much stuff he is learning "off the clock". So once he has done my minimum (which is pretty minimal), he is free to YouTube, Food Network, Weather Channel, etc to his heart's content. Kid 2 is a competitive athlete and a 13 year old boy. Oy. I have recently simplified our lives by signing up for Time4Learning to help him become a little more independent. We may actually get science done! I am still going to use some of the other stuff I have (Geography, logic puzzles, mythology), and we always have a few read-alouds going. Flexibility--it's a good thing!
  3. We are going to give Time4Learning a shot. This is not a science-loving kid, and science was just not getting done. Fingers crossed!
  4. Yes! I just started using this for my "generally refuses to write" 9th grader. He actually doesn't hate it (!), but the flipping back and forth is driving me crazy. :001_rolleyes:
  5. What are we doing for science? Floundering miserably at the moment. I was going to come on and ask for suggestions for "science for a kid who says he doesn't like science". Come to think of it, this kid really didn't "do" science last year either. We read some living books with science-y themes and called it good.
  6. Very interested in responses. My almost 15 yo DS is in the same cycle. I have no idea what to do.
  7. All good here! We were really, really lucky. House behind me lost a lot of roof shingles, but we are in a newer neighborhood with underground fiber optic wiring so our power stayed on.. I think the country club where DH works is going to be a total mess though. Whew!!
  8. Storm shifted a bit east. Not great for us here in Orlando. We are fine so far, but would really love some "please let our power stay on" mojo. Supposed to be bad from now through about 6 am.
  9. Currently reading Around the World in 80 Days to my 8th and 9th graders. Also on tap this year are To Kill A Mockingbird, The Disappearing Spoon, some short stories, and a few others TBD. (something from Shakespeare and Dickens probably and either Tom Sawyer or Huck Finn)
  10. My 8th grader is using Memoria Press Geography III. I also added in a supplemental World Governments workbook (Carson Dellosa/Mark Twain), and we are reading Around the World in 80 Days. He loves Geography though.
  11. Here is what we have planned: Math: Geometry-going to try Jacobs first, if it is not successful, will go to TT. History: SWB's History of the Ancient World, Great Courses Understanding Greek & Roman Technology Science: Friendly Chemistry English: Going to attempt WWS1 again (Writing is where he really struggles), Easy Grammar 10, Book of Roots Book list to include Around the World in 80 days, To Kill a Mockingbird, and some of Memoria Press Poetry & Short Stories Health: Oak Meadow Fine Arts: Oak Meadow Integrated Drawing
  12. We will be using Oak Meadow for 9th grade. Looks like it will be open and go.
  13. My guys are 12 and 14. We still read aloud daily. We just finished Animal Farm and are currently reading a book about the Kennedy assassination. Younger ds and I are also reading Night Divided in the evenings. Older and I just abandoned Stargirl, not sure what is up next.
  14. Bookshark? I am looking at their 7th grade science for next year. I previously used 5th and it was easy to implement.
  15. A few others: Under the Egg, Masterminds, The Book Scavenger
  16. This. We just got this in the mail today (bought during the sale) and it looks really good.
  17. Hmmm, great question. I will have to sit down and work on this soon. Will keep you posted!!
  18. I would love this if it used an actual textbook. My kids do not like reading online.
  19. My boys enjoyed Bomb as a read aloud last year. Right now we are doing Code Talkers, which is really good too.
  20. We have and love the concise set. Bought for a few dollars each on Amazon.
  21. This kid....He is a "just hand me a workbook and let me get it done" kind of guy. Math: Algebra TBD History: Going to do a geography year. He loves geography. I have MP Geography III for World and Trail Guide for US. Science: Considering Bookshark Science 7 (Robotics). Also looking at PAC Integrated Physics and Chem. May save that for 9th. English: Daily Grams, Vocabu-lit, MP Greek Myths, lit to be combined with older brother (read alouds that we discuss). No idea what I am doing for writing. Foreign Language: ??? PE: Competitive tennis training-he plays about a zillion hours a week.
  22. Here is what I have so far... Math: Geometry. I own Jacobs so we will try that first. Not sure if it will be the best fit, but we will give it a shot. History: History of the Ancient World with Study Guide, and Great Courses Understanding Greek & Roman Technology Science: Chemistry English: We are going to try WWS again for writing. Attempted it in 7th grade, it was too much and we put it away. Also using MP Book of Roots and Editor in Chief. List of books to read and discuss TBD. Logic: James Madison Critical Thinking Foreign Language: No idea. May wait until 10th grade. Elective: Considering OM Integrated Drawing and/or Health PE: Tennis
  23. I am going to use this soon (or next year, not sure). I am a secular homeschooler and saw nothing religious. It was exactly what I was looking for.
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