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Who's going to tackle Saturday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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Good morning!  I feel like a broken record because I list these things every day and am just not doing them.  But I realize this is our last week before co-op starts, then oldest starts back to school the week after that so summer is almost over.






-clean off bookcases in school room


-straighten up

-follow Whole30, eat vegetables, drink lots of water


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Good morning!


•celebrate dh's birthday  :)  (he is 51)

•order vitamins

•work with horses, give them much needed baths

•open Amazon boxes in garage (it's boring stuff like dog food and paper towels, so they've been unopened all week)

•split some pills (old dog's arthritis medication)

•read & relax

•dinner: maybe tacos

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Good morning! I am slow to get moving today. I am waiting for other people to get their, ahem, stuff together, so I can get moving on a critical necessity for the travel meet. I still have some packing to do and other random things go before leaving today for the mountains. I can't use all my patience waiting this morning, as I desperately need it for functioning for the in-laws. It is going to be cold and rainy, so maybe lots of together time.


To do:

Finish packing

Finish coffee

Maybe library?

Get gas

Pick up dd2's friend

Drive up

Try to relax a little


Have a great weekend!

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Thank God it's Saturday!


Last night after a long day's work, I dropped the kids off for their sleepover, then walked for a while, went out to dinner, walked some more, and then went to walk around at the local Home Days weekend fair & see fireworks.  Needless to say I was good and tired when I got home, but I had one big work thing hanging over my head.  I had delegated most of it to our India office, but still needed to check and finalize it.  The goal was to do this in the early morning hours, so I set my alarm.


Well, I didn't get up early, but I did get up around 9:30 and we got that work done.  It was the last of the "big deadline" items that had been extended from the end of June, so this is a huge massive relief.  :P


Then the sleepover mom said she would drop my kids off at home (vs. me going and picking them up), so I had to get the house decent.  It was extra messy because I had worked in the office this week and we had a guy over doing work on our cabinets, so there were cabinet contents all over the kitchen.  Also the temporary bird cage, lined with a towel so she doesn't try to use her feet as normal (broken leg trying to heal), gets really nasty.  So I need to clean that out a couple times a week until she gets better.  (Or is it a he ... we're used to calling it a she so I guess it's a she today!)  I can't think of a solution for cleaning the towel other than to just throw it in the garbage.  I did clean one, but it took me forever.  Hope I don't run out of old ugly towels before the bird heals.  :P


My 10yo wanted to make a jello cake.  That was interesting since we don't bake much.  :P  Could only find one of the turny things for our hand-held mixer.  :P  And we don't seem to have a cake pan any more (did we ever?).  So now it's gonna be a dozen assorted cupcakes and a jello loaf cake, LOL.  Kid also wanted jello to eat, so we had to clear off a couple shelves in the fridge ... eat some leftovers ... you know how that goes.


Clearing out some things my kids have outgrown, to make room for the online school clothes / supply orders I'm hoping to make this evening.


Clearing out the cupboard where I have been keeping afterschooling / summer workbooks and Spanish story books, to make room for some dishes that are apparently too heavy for the above-the-fridge cupboard they had been in.


Also I have lots of "work" work to do, which I'm supposed to be doing right now.  :P  But it feels so nice to do some house things after being out of the house most of the week.

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Shampoo'd dining room carpet a second time.


Shampoo'd the hallway.


Dd and Dh worked in the kitchen a bit.


Dd and Dh bought a couple of things that I needed for camp.


Ds and his college buddy got up at O Dark Thirty, took the early ferry from the Big City before the tourists, snagged a good deal on car parts and headed home, after stopping at a car museum on the way.




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