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If you need cute: New Kitten


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Still trying to decide on a name for him. A couple of the kids like "Tag." Half are set on "Cy" (short for Citrine or Citrus). I've batted around several others including "Bugsy."

We just picked him up yesterday. DD#3 slept with him for the first part of the night because he was loudly lonely. He's been getting plenty of attention so far!


I'll try to post other pictures later this week.


The white kitten is his sister & stayed with the family we adopted him from. I just included because she's cute. 


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I'm listening to A Street Cat Named Bob about an orange kitty


This name is already taken by an adult male cat friend of dd#3. She really wanted to bring Bob home, but he's a barn cat on a horse farm about 20 minutes from us & probably wouldn't transition well to being an indoor city cat. 


It was much easier to come up with a name for the stray/visitor cat that we had hanging around almost a month ago. For some reason, he was super easy to name (Zippo). Our previous cat was so different than this new kitten. (I got to choose the last name because only dd#1 could talk at that point.  :lol: )

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