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Books for 9 year boy

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I know we have a ton of these kinds of threads, and I have had a good search of the forums, but would still appreciate a few more suggestions.


My boy is 9. He has dyslexia, but he does read for pleasure if we get the right book. He tends to the easier, 'twaddle', books for fun reading (understandably I think), but I am trying to expand his horizons a little. He enjoys history most (biographies, myths and legends etc), and will only continue to read a book if it is 'exciting'. Recent favourites include the Landmark biographies, the Time Hunters series (by Chris Blake - I think there is a harder series that he couldn't get into), and nonsense along the lines of Captain Underpants.


I have offered all my usual listings for this age/stage (things like Paddington, Wombles, Magic Treehouse, Little House). Some he has loved (Little House), some he has abandoned (Paddington), some he has refused to start (Magic Treehouse). Now I am running low on ideas. Would love to know if anybody has any great ideas!

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Graphic novels? The Amulet series is great. 


The big book of Tashi is one my kids both read twice. 


Honestly one of my kids loves abridged classics. Tom Sawyer, Robinson Crusoe etc


Geronimo Stilton, perhaps.





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How to Train Your Dragon series?


Tales from the Odyssey by Osborne?


Little Britches (haven't read this one, but we all loved listen to it)?


My youngest enjoyed Beverly Cleary. He read all of her books but preferred the Henry Huggins books.


She'll Silverstein poetry?

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My 9yo found some Greek mythology-based choose your own adventure books at the library and really enjoyed them. I think he has the Odysseus one right now, let me see if I can find the exact title. I've been picking up some of the other "choose your own adventure" books at used bookstores and garage sales, because the new, revised editions don't have nearly enough mortal peril to sustain interest, although I think they are a bit easier as far as reading level. So far they haven't really appealed to him. Soon, maybe, once he burns out on myths.

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My 9 yr old reads a lot of the "Who was" series (they have Who Was/What Was/Where Was).



My ds really enjoyed one about Jackie Robinson because of his role in integration.


Other books that might appeal to this age (we haven't read everything on this list)


I Survived series

Boxcar Children

Lemonade Wars series


My son is trying to read Zombie Chasers but he is having trouble with some of the vocabulary.


I ordered the first book in the series The Mapmaker Chronicles (Usborne book). My nephew really likes a series called Fablehaven.

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Wayside School is a favorite here, along with Usborne Illustrated books - I think we have Classics, Norse Myths, and Adventure Stories.


The ones that get the most love are either illustrated in some sort (illustrated Harry Potter has been a HUGE hit, along with the Wizard of Oz series-just not the first book) or are factual/skill based - the American Boy's Handy Book, Dangerous Book For Boys, or the tidbit-style books that have a ton of things crammed on the page.

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My 9 yr old is in love with Minecraft books. Does he play Minecraft? If so, he might like Winter Morgan's series. I think she has 3 series now. 


How to Train Your Dragon


Tales of a 4th Grade Nothing and the next ones in the series- Judy Blume


Henry Huggins books- Beverly Cleary



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