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  1. Has anyone tried this? It looks like an interesting option for my 7th and 8th graders.
  2. I’ll have to check and see if my library has any of these
  3. I really wish one could buy ‘student’ editions of books that have historical/cultural/literary notes and unusual vocabulary in sidebars or footnotes.
  4. We really like Philip Campbell’s Story of Civilization series. Catholic content though.
  5. The Splendid and the Vile (about Churchill and the Blitz) was the first Eric Larson book I’ve read, and it was fantastic
  6. We used several volumes last year and read and took notes, but I think this year we might finish the set just as extra reading
  7. I just got the audiobooks for her Merlin series on sale a few weeks ago
  8. The Blue Castle is sounding like it would be enjoyable to read with my teen, I think.
  9. Oh this looks interesting. Added the first one to the library list
  10. I read The Goblin Emporer last year and adored it! The Angel of the Crows by the same author was also excellent.
  11. Hmm, sounds good. Anyone have some favorite cozy mystery series of this type?
  12. 😂😂😳 My daughters are getting into young adult books. The parental approval process can be highly contentious
  13. I loved Lady Sherlock. Great fun. I’ll have to check out the Glamourist Histories. I love that era.
  14. We use Classically Catholic Memory, but I’m thinking of adding some more poems and longer Scripture passages. How do you all organize your memory work and review it?
  15. Alright, I think we’re going to give English from the Roots Up a try. See about teaching her to look at words more analytically
  16. Alright help me find some new books to read? I don’t generally like Christian fiction, but I would appreciate finding some novels that don’t spend six or eight pages describing the *tea party* in detail
  17. These are great suggestions. Maybe I should return to having at least some of her reading time mom-selected books
  18. No visual or auditory processing issues. The audiobooks aren’t for school work, but we listen to them in the car and at bedtime
  19. Does Wordly Wise teach word roots? It does look pretty easy to use
  20. This is kind of what I was thinking. That maybe she doesn’t pick up vocabulary from context and needs to learn to analyze the words instead
  21. I don’t even do the self tests with my 3rd grader. We just read and I make up a few questions or ask her to narrate. Other we do the same, a couple pages a day I forgot to add. We read these books together so we can discuss
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