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Help me price this dream


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I probably will be living with my sister for at least 5-10 years before we move someplace else, and I would love to put a pool in the backyard. It all depends on how much money I get from my STBX, etc., but if all works out I may have some extra money.


Does anyone have a ballpark for putting in an above ground pool with a deck around it. Something like this:







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Call a local pool place to get a broad estimate.  


Prices across the country are going to vary wildly and one persons estimate will be of little use to you unless they happen to be in your area. 


You will need a general idea of what size of pool you want and the underlayment. Will the ground need to be professionally leveled? There can be thousands of dollars difference in this alone.  


Also are you only wanting it to last the time you are there, or are you wanting it to be more permanent?  Quality of pool liners vary greatly.


Do you live in an area where it can be uncovered all year long, or do you need a cover for off season. Do you need a covered shed for the filter system? 


Size of pool also affects filters and treatments.  Salt vs chlorine etc.


Also check out fencing regulations for your area.  Some places a general wood fence is fine, others have very strict requirements on this and it can easily add a thousand by itself. 


Check if there are any regulations on a raised deck.  It completely destroys the privacy of the neighbors and many HOAs restrict them. 


And home owners insurance.....


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Yes, labor is cheaper the closer you get to the Southwest and is more expensive in the Northeast.  Also, further south a deck can be "floating" where instead of a true foundation you can simply build on special cement blocks that sit on top of a tiny amount of leveled gravel. What is appropriate for your area & building codes is going to make the price vary by more than $10k.  In one place we lived local building codes for decks were so expensive that an in-ground fiberglass pool with surrounding patio was cheaper for a neighbor of ours than an above ground pool would be. They then had a different problem: because of a high water table the pool floated out of the ground. Check local reviews and BBB ratings, choose 3-5 good companies, and ask for estimates.

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Depends on a lot of factors.  Our above ground pool (28' round) was already in when we moved in, but they left the receipt and info of where they bought it.  It was $8,000 for the pool itself in 2002-2003.  They installed it themselves.  


DH has built a deck, similar to that one but only goes around 2/3 of the way.  He built it with composite wood and he paid around $2,500 for the materials.  


So, all told, about $10,500 for the pool and deck materials only.  


BTW: The pool is about 15 years old and still in very good condition.  We have had to replace the pump once and the liner once.  DH says the liner will need to be replaced again after this season.  They seem to last about 5-7 years.  

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