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mom 'graduates' with son


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hanky warning.


Her athletic son became a quadriplegic after a fall, so when he went to get his mba, she went with him to help him. every day, all the notes, studying, everything - she was there for two years. when she pushed him across the stage, the university gave her an honorary mba.




it is always heartwarming to see mother's who will do whatever they have to do for their children.



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A woman I know actually went back to college (enrolled and earned a second bachelor's) when her chronically ill son wanted to go to college.  The problem was sometimes his pain medicine meant he couldn't drive and sometimes the brain fog was extreme making remembering what was said in class hard and sometimes he was simply too sick to attend.  But he so desperately wanted a degree so his mom said she'd go with him to every class.  She could drive when he couldn't, she could share her notes with him when he was confused by what was going on around him, and when he had to stay home or be hospitalized she could catch him up on what he missed.  Those years going to school with him made some amazing memories and helped him reach a goal he thought was completely unattainable.  He passed away last year due to that chronic illness.  He was in his early 30s.  She really cherishes that extra time she got to spend with him.

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