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Want to celebrate with me?

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Okay. I just have to tell someone. These past two days I've been giving the kids standardized reading tests. They've all been doing the same company's tests for three years so it's easy to compare how they've improved over the year. This year, they did SO WELL. Like above grade level (youngest was three years above grade level lol, but that didn't surprise). Even my oldest, who's been diagnosed as moderately dyslexic!! She jumped three grade levels since last year! It's such a relief, you have no idea. I'm not sure whether to cry or dance. Maybe I'll do both!! I know all that stuff about how tests don't really demonstrate true knowledge yadiyadiya, but they are something concrete I can look at on tough days and years. We've all worked so hard these past years, especially the older two. Oldest dd has been doing Horizons elevate all year, and has hated it, but it seems to have helped!  My partner is making a book-shaped cake and I think we'll spend the rest of the day doing nature study, board games and documentaries instead of math, history and science

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Congratulations on your progress!! It sounds like it represents a lot of hard work!!  


:party:  :party:

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Congratulations to your children and to you for helping them get there :) You could shed happy tears while dancing :D

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