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What is the purpose of CLEP exams?

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Yes, and it's also to get out of college courses ahead of time while the material is still fresh in the mind.  All CLEP exams are not accepted at all colleges, so it's a good idea to look at which ones are accepted at the colleges the dc is most likely to attend. 

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I think the same reason. They get you out of college courses, usually GenEds you'd rather not take for whatever reason. I'm having my youngest try to CLEP a few subjects (for her, a couple math and a history). And yes, easier than AP.


My older two CLEP'd English. They are both good writers and it's given them a lot more flexibility not to have to take a semester or two of Freshman Comp.


I don't have them CLEP subjects I'm not comfortable having them skip in college.

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They are easier than APs and require less prep, but still give college credit (assuming the college accepts them). 

CLEPs are all multiple-choice, versus having to write DBQs, so possibly a better choice for students who don't write well or don't write quickly.

You can take them any time you want, with lots of choices for test centers, versus taking APs only on one day per year (or a few days for SATs) and having to find a school that will allow you to test there.


You can retake them if you don't pass the first time.


They are offered in subjects that don't have APs or SATs, like Sociology, Human Development, American Literature, Western Civ, etc.


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Yes to the above. They are also easier schedule wise if you live any distance from your testing locations. If we had a test like SAT Latin or a morning AP it meant hotel etc because it's just available once or twice a year. A traffic jam which is all to common on our route to test could mean missing the exam forever. Major stress.


Each dc did the required amount of SAT subjects/AP for Uni admission then switched to Clep.


Eta. Clep doesn't offer Latin so SAT it was. We did let dd take as many SAT subjects as she wanted each time we drove her so she did do 6 and 3 would have been fine.

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Not all schools will allow you to retake them and limit the test to one attempt.


Another advantage is that students know their scores immediately. No waiting for months.


My Dd has taken several and will take several more bc her university gives credit for them. CLEPing had the advantage of studying subjects with more freedom than the AP (timewise and resources used). The tests are also cheaper than APs.


By June, Dd will have CLEPed out of 10 intro level courses all required for her major. (33 cr hrs). They are all courses she has mastered to a high level and by CLEPing out of them doubling with a minor is doable.

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