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Dr Hive...light headedness...tell me what you think


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I woke up this morning and went to my boys soccer games.  I felt just fine.  Came home and was doing some things around the house and all of a sudden just started feeling lightheaded.  I nearly passed out a couple times...but I sat down before that happened.


I ate breakfast and I ate a 1/2 peanut butter sandwich when we got home...so I don't think lack of food is the issue.  


I ate some lunch and went to bed and rested for a while.  I feel some what better but not 100% and as I sit here, I fear that if I get up and try to do too  much, I might feel bad again.


What could cause this feeling? 


no other symptoms...no headache, or stomach upset....I feel perfectly fine.


Oh, I am taking zertec and flonase for allergies...the last dose was last night when I went to bed.   I started taking these right before Easter.



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Are you hydrated?

Not drinking enough water,Low iron like J-rap said can cause these.I was going to also tell ask you if you added any new medications,

then I reread your post and saw the allergy meds seem new to you read up on the side effects for both and its easy to find other

OTC meds for allergies.Hope you feel better soon 

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hydration sounds possible.  I usually drink lots and for some reason today, I didn't as much.


I also checked the one of the side effects of zertec is dizziness....but could it really take a week...I thought side effects were usually pretty fast....

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Zyrtec gave me some pretty bad side effects, but not immediately. When I first started on it, I slept great and had good results. Over time, I developed insomnia, nightmares, and several other side effects (can't remember now). So that could be it. But you also might be coming down with something.

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