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Easter Basket with a theme...need ideas


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We are taking a family trip to Washington DC the first week in May. (my husband and I plus our 3 kids...dd16, ds 15, ds 12) and I wanted to buy some things for our trip to put in their Easter baskets.


We are flying and we are walking, biking or taking the metro while we are there.  


So I am going to buy each of us an umbrella and a cheap rain poncho, plus fun snacks for the plane.  If I can find scrapbooking stickers of DC I will include those in my daughter's basket. 


But I need more ideas...


so please help me brainstorm.





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Power banks for recharging electronics in the go, if appropriate for your family.


Something like a lanyard for metro cards - I'm remembering the D.C. subways being proximity readers, so they could be waved at the machine.


"Coupons" for food truck stops.

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Candy that's cherry themed? Like chocolate cherries or gummy cherries.


I can think of plenty of DC themed trinkets. But are you thinking more travel useful things? New card game to take? New book to read on the trip?

trinkets would be fine...and fun.  What are you thinking?

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