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Who's going to tackle Thursday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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Been up all night so far, but I'm in a good mood, because I solved a problem that was stressing me out.  Now here's hoping the other parties agree with my solution.  :P


I have a bunch of work due tomorrow, but I should get some sleep first ....

  • Work in the wee hours.
  • Sleep.
  • Kids off to the school bus.
  • A little housework, reading, exercise, social media catch-up.
  • Get caught up on work deadlines.
  • Clean out critter cage.
  • Send birthday gift to sponsored student.
  • Calendar already.
  • Figure out photo sharing site for scouts.
  • Practice TKD form already.
  • Pick up kids from track practice.
  • Kids to basketball class.
  • Kids' work.
  • Read-aloud.
  • Kids to bed.
  • Work.
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Sorry, Jean, about the doggie hospice care and sorry SKL that you didn't get any sleep!




Finish prepping for co-op


Go to co-op and teach

home again - figure out meals

Study some more

My time is freed up today because 18 yo went to visit his bro in Boston and is skipping class tonight and I don't have to watch the little one for his mama because they are having spring break at the ESL classes!  I'm also skipping my book discussion tonight to study more for my Latin final tomorrow.  I have been coasting through this class all semester and I realize nothing really stuck!  Panic!

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Good morning, ladies!  DH home from this week's business trip so he has taken oldest to school this AM.  Still in my PJs....



-school with youngest

-laundry (tons)

-make behind the wheel test for oldest

-work out (upper body weights)


-pick oldest up from school

-travel baseball practice

-dinner (chicken parm, spaghetti, salad)

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Good morning! I slept in and am having coffee.


To Do:


school with ds

prep my classes for co-op tomorrow

Cook chicken and beans for tacos for a taco bar at the library tonight. Our SS class is providing a meal for a program promoting reading for needy families.

Take the food and set up as well as help serve it. 

laundry; We leave tomorrow after school heading to Ohio for dh's spring break    (Have started the laundry but it isn't finished)






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Morning everyone!


Jean, I am sorry about Rocky.  :grouphug:


Day 2 of pouring rain here. While doing horse chores this morning, I discovered that my boots are no longer waterproof.  :glare:  Being soggy head to toe with temps in the 30's=no fun!


•office work, figure out some financial stuff & transfer money

•place a few online orders


•tidy house

•declutter bookshelves

•finish up menu plan, make shopping list

•errands (bank, post office, gas)


•take kids to bookstore?


•pick up takeout for dinner

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Oh yeah, I forgot - today was the day I was supposed to take delivery of our new fridge and washer / dryer.


Supposed to.


I cleaned and swept half of the downstairs and moved furniture etc. so they could do their job.  Cleared out the fridge and freezer.  Moved all the laundry to the other room.  You know, the stuff you do ....


They came.  They took out our old washer & dryer, of course spilling water all over the dusty floor - can't help that - brought in the new stuff - then got ready to hook it up.  THEN they realized we don't have the right outlet for the dryer my housemate ordered.  (Not sure why she didn't order a gas dryer.  She claims she had no idea.  But she also claims she told them we definitely do NOT have that kind of outlet.  So whatever.  I wasn't there.)  They tried to get me to keep the washer, but I said, we need matching washer & dryer.  I'm not taking one without the other.  So they had to take the new back out and bring the old back in and hook it up ... making a lot more mess for me to clean.  Why don't they check these obvious things BEFORE they do all that work?  It would have been easy to do.


The fridge - they refused to install it because we don't have a shutoff valve on our water pipe to the fridge.  We need to hire a plumber to install that.  They offered to leave the new fridge in the garage.  Um ... no.


So I spent about 3 hours working on something that didn't end up happening.  I'm feeling really unfulfilled right now.... :P

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