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My 16 year old was being moody and miserable to everyone this afternoon ... after he snapped at his brother and complained for 1/2 hours about his cooking class ... and general grumping around- I called him over to me. He was very surprised when I said "Sandwich, Shower, Nap" and pointed to the kitchen... "but I don't want a sandwich" Doesn't have to be a sandwich... just eat a snack and go shower and rest until x time. He stared at me in confusion but followed directions and came back in a much better mood.




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My boys prefer soaking in a bubble bath to a shower. We buy the cheap Walmart or Safeway ones. DS11 has been know to soak in a bubble bath for more than an hour so he is not allowed to lock the only bathroom's door else no one else would have toilet access.


Chocolates work wonders too from the time when my kids were toddlers. Yesterday my DS12 was slightly hungry and grouchy at 8pm when we were going to drive home. Guylain chocolates did the trick. Ferrero Rocher always work but Guylain was on sale.


Nap is the tricky one and had only worked for DS11 as he literally falls asleep.

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I went through this just today with ds#1 (who is only 9  :crying: ). He'd just had food & a shower, so I sent him out for a run. A walk sometimes did wonders for dd#1 when the other three didn't work.

I'm sending him to bed early tonight, too, because I suspect he hasn't been getting enough sleep.

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