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Stupid detergent question

Night Elf

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I'm out of my regular laundry detergent. I'd rather not go to the store today as I just don't feel great. I have some laundry pods that I got free from the grocery store but I've never used them. I have half a load of darks I have to do today as DH needs his work pants tomorrow. Can I use one pod for half a load? Surely my washer will rinse out the extra detergent, right?

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I only ever use one pod but you are actually supposed to use multiple pods for a load of laundry. So one pod for 1/2 load will be fine.


Yes. We've never used the pods here, so when ds moved out and decided to try them--because he thought it would be easier, tidier than liquid--he was surprised to see he'd need to use 2-3 per load. He's decided the convenience factor isn't worth the price of the pods.

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