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UPDATE: Bragging on my Husband- Mini-Marathon This Week!


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About a decade ago, the doctor warned my husband of all these dire results from failing to go on some medication to keep triglycerides down.  He said he himself was on it, despite working out regularly,  and no one could get out of this end result with the kind of high numbers my husband had on triglycerides and upwardly creeping blood pressure.  He said since there was lots of diabetes in that family, that was likely.


My husband just said no to that future.  He began working out, and over time became a runner.  He now runs half-marathons before work (!!) many days a week, and has eliminated most grains and sugars from his diet.  He got a bit lax on the diet earlier this year and the numbers shot up. No problem.  He just returned to no grains or sugar (which makes you wonder what the heck is wrong with our grains and sugar!). 


He just had an assessment.    Sugar is 60 (and that was non-fasting which means it is usually a bit higher).   60-100 is good. 


Triglycerides were under 90;  150 or below is good.  Years ago, they were closing in on 400. 


He feels fantastic and looks better than he did when I married him (a few more gray hairs though!).  Blood pressure is like 114/68.  Heart rate is like 48 or something crazy (mine is lots faster!). 


So proud of him.  He just said no to the typical "change nothing and medicate" mentality that is fully expected today on the medical merry-go-round and diligently stuck to his plan.     My mom had done that too.  The doctor told her to go on a medication for blood pressure and she said no, she would lose some weight first (not way overweight or anything, but wanted to see if it would help).  She never did go on that medication and did great.


So guess who is working on losing a bit of middle-aged weight and eliminating sugar?  When I don't eat sugar or grains, I feel so much better.  When I have a little, it's like crack or something and I want more!

You can't fix everything, but you sure can fix some things. 


Anyway, thanks for listening.  PROUD of my husband. 



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Kudos to him!!!!!


My husband had his up in the 400s too and it changed when he changed his diet, he has not stuck as strictly as he should at times but his numbers are still holding good.


Yay!  Diet really does matter.  We spend a lot at 4 grocery stores buying organic, relative to our family size.  But I'd rather spend it there than at the doctor's office or pharmacy! 


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Bravo to him! I wish more people understood that so many of these diseases are indeed preventable and treatable through fairly simple lifestyle and diet modifications, often with better results and far less side effects than the typical medication route. Brag on him all you want - he did what most people are just unwilling to do or don't even understand and has likely improved his quality of life and even comorbidities by changing things up.



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Update:   Mr TM is registered and running an official half-marathon this weekend, and he has surpassed all average times reported for his age group.  He can't believe he might even have a shot at coming in first - who knows?   He's excited about the thought of possibly finishing earlier than some of the young men.

He's always been fast, but it is pretty impressive what he has done in a relatively short period of time. 



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