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Public Speaking

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We do literature presentations at our very small co-op. The older kids study a novel together, and then they give a presentation to the younger kids that includes some visuals. In the spring, each of the older kids does their own individual novel presentation. The little kids might do a group one at either time.

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In the elementary grades, our small homeschool group (6-8 families) had a once-a-month presentation day -- about 15 kids, grades K-6. The presentations were frequently on science or history topics being studied at home, but sometimes there were book reports, "narrations" of camping trips or vacations, or demonstrations of how to do something.


In our high school years, I led a 1-semester public speaking co-op class for grades 6-12.


Also in high school, DSs participated in Youth & Government and had weekly practice in public speaking within our delegation (about 12-15 students) in bill debate, and then at the end-of-semester mock legislative event at the capital with all the students participating from all over the state.

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We do informal presentation days with friends and my kids do a tutorial which includes drama, so weekly practice and several performances there.

My kids volunteer to read Scripture in church a couple times a year, for children's choir concerts. Very formal setting, big church.

Dd has 4-6 presentations to do for AHG badgework each year. 

We practice reciting the poems (or speeches or whatever) they are memorizing during school time. Posture, elocution, projection etc.



I will probably have each of them do at least a year of Speech and Debate club. Or possibly public speaking class at cc when they are older.

I am sure high school work will require some presentations. 


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I'm teaching the IEW Speech Boot Camp in our small co-op this semester. It's a video led course geared towards 6th-12th graders and my 7th grader will be taking it.


I'd like to do something more informal with my younger kids to get them used to public speaking...maybe getting together with a homeschooling friend a couple times a month for that purpose.

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