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Where do you go for Technology Homeschool curriculum?

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I've been coming here for years (check my post count, not the highest but far from being a newbie)


Well, now I have a child in college, and my youngest almost there, so I started working. My company has written a curriculum that would be of interest to homeschoolers interested in technology (robotics, programming).  Not anything that comes in conflict with any of Peace Hill Press products. :)


However, I haven't had the need to look into homeschool materials in many years, and I no longer know how to advertise the product. I am intentionally NOT referring to said product here, so this post is not an advertisement. It's really a request to be pointed in the right direction to places where I can advertise! 


So if you're looking for some technology related homeschool  material, where do you look? 



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I agree with homeschool buyers co op and rainbow resources. Other than that I use the direct websites and Amazon. You could also go to some of the homeschool conventions and set up a booth. Educents is another site relatively new. I would also try and get some popular boggers to review it to get the word out. I don't feel like there is a lot for homeschoolers in robotics and technology so I think anything in that field would do well.

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It would partly depend on what grade level it's written for.  Now that I have high school students, I don't usually read through Rainbow Resource, even though I poured over the catalogs when my kids were younger.  


Christian Book Distributors

Home Science Tools



Of the big outsourcing things we've done (Oklahoma State University's German Online, Amplify/Edhesive AP Computer Science, and Lukeion Classes, I think I heard of each of them on these boards or from a friend.  Lukeion has booths at conventions, but I still waited to hear reports from other people before I took the plunge.)  I used to read some homeschool blogs, but I've gotten away from that as well.

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