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  1. DS got his letter in the mail today. 🙌 (insert party & celebration emojis) Huge congrats to all who have received/will receive one.
  2. That stinks. And is sad. Our local high school usually has at least a couple of NMSF every year. The counselor's office, which coordinates PSAT/SAT, ACT, and AP exams, has fortunately been easy for us to work with as homeschoolers - very accommodating and friendly. The school usually has at least a couple of NMSF named every year. However, for this latest round, there were zero NMSF kids from that school, while three(!) homeschoolers from our town were named NMSF. I hope that doesn't cause sour grapes among the decision-makers within the school district next year and result in homeschoolers being forced to find other test locations at private schools in the future. I understand some states have it written into the law that homeschool kids must be allowed to test at their zoned public school (Texas, maybe?), but that is not the case here. @RootAnn, my local newspaper didn't publish anything about NMSF last fall when those were announced in the media, so I submitted an article, photo of DS's letter as proof, etc. They never published it. So I submitted it again. Still nothing, no article, no response to my email. My guess is that since the public school didn't have any NMSF, the newspaper didn't want to talk about any HS'ers being NMSF. 🤔 The big city paper nearest us published a story though, which included the names of the three NMSF HS'ers from our small town.
  3. Thank you. For us, I'm still kind of pinching myself! We started homeschooling when DS was in 4th grade. His teacher at the time understood. She had a lot of experience and was more than ready to retire. When I told her we were going to pull him out of public school and start homeschooling, she nodded and said "I know what he needs, and unfortunately he can't get it here." She had her hands full with two particular kids acting out all the time in the classroom (flipping over desks and chairs, throwing books, etc.), and still trying to teach some of her 4th graders to read. The school's guidance counselor declined to test DS for admission to the GATE program even after I met with her and the principal about it. (Side-note: Our public school, DS's former classmates, had exactly zero NM semifinalists this year! I wish I could send a copy of DS's NMF certificate to his former guidance counselor who pre-emptively decided he wasn't GATE material. 😆) My son was also being bullied and the principal's only advice was "Put him in karate classes so he can defend himself." Seriously. One of the very first things I did in preparing to homeschool was check out a random homeschooling book from the library, called The Well-Trained Mind, and then I found this forum. At the time I didn't know anyone else who had experience in HS'ing. We homeschooled primarily for academic reasons, but never "taught to the test" or did much test prep . . . DS would not have tolerated that. And NM was not ever our end-goal, but it does feel nice to have a little external validation in an endeavor that provides very little of that. I could not have homeschooled without the resources and support available here. I've been feeling especially sentimental and reflective lately (preparing myself for DS going off to college this fall),and I just wanted to share that because I feel like this achievement DS has earned also belongs in a way to all of us here in this community. 🥰
  4. YES! Congratulations!!!!!! And, yes, such a huge relief!
  5. I got the principal's letter and DS's certificate today! Woooo-hooooooooo!
  6. I love that your DD is so happy at her school! I see your posts about her and it sounds like she is really thriving. Excellent advice, as always. Thank you.
  7. Yes, DITTO everything you said! Please let us know when you get any word. Fingers crossed for you!
  8. Thank you, RootAnn! I didn't know they sent letters last month to those who didn't advance. That does help calm me down. 😊 Yes, the big $$ school has admitted him and accepted him to their Honors College. It's his top pick or maaaybe #2. It will definitely become #1 if he gets NMF because he's level-headed and the money will make the difference. It's our state flagship, not selective, but he spent four weeks there taking two classes last summer, and he likes the size and the resources they have to offer . . . including that he would get to live in one of the fancy newer dorms and not one of the regular (old and not well-maintained) freshman dorms. Thank you for reassuring me!
  9. We're waiting on pins and needles to hear whether DS (12th grade) has advanced from National Merit semifinalist to finalist status. This is way harder for us than waiting on admissions decisions. 😊 One of his schools gives big $ for NMF. From what I found on the NM website, NM mails notifications to high school principals on Feb 3. Not sure if homeschoolers would get notified on the same schedule. And then on Feb 10, NM notifies finalists of their status at their home addresses . . . is that date when the letters are mailed or supposed to arrive? Has anyone else been waiting and received word yet? ETA: Found an old thread where someone said their kid got a finalist letter on Feb 14. So maybe another week of waiting? DS did his part but I'm so worried that I might have screwed up the application. This is killing me.
  10. I don't think there is one correct way to do it. Sources seem to vary all over in their suggestions. It depends on how you want to play the game. Our local public high school shows the fall semester grade for full-year courses in the body of the transcript for a mid-year report, but does not recalculate the cumulative GPA to include fall semester grades for those full-year courses because those courses are incomplete. Their position is that the mid-year report is meant to show colleges that the student is not slacking due to senioritis (or maybe the student is slacking, whatever the case is), but it is not meant to provide an updated cumulative GPA. The cumulative GPA gets updated for year-long courses only on the final/end of 12th grade transcript. It's a conservative approach. So, bottom line, fall semester grades are listed but not incorporated in to the cumulative GPA on the mid-year report. However, one-semester courses via DE are handled differently. The course is complete, so the credit counts and the grade gets averaged in to the GPA mid-year. I followed the same process, since I didn't want to be perceived as padding the transcript compared to public school students from our area, and it felt right to me to do it that way. I explained it in the notes section of the transcript: "For Mid-Year Report, GPA and cumulative credits were updated to reflect only the 12th grade one-semester courses completed as of 12-20-2019." For others reading, based on others' BTDT advice here on this forum, I had also planned ahead and formatted DS's transcript to have a column for 1st semester grades and a column for 2nd semester grades for the 12th grade year (but only a single column for grades in prior years). DS's transcript is a blend of by subject and by year . . . by subject group in rows down the left margin and by year as you move left to right in columns across the page. It has worked out really well.
  11. As for your question #2, we have seen some advantages at some schools to paying the deposit before May 1. For instance, at one of the schools on DS's list, you can't register for a summer appointment in new student orientation, which is where you'll enroll in fall classes, until you've paid your deposit. That summer appointment slot registration opens tomorrow (Feb 3) for everyone who has already deposited, obviously well in advance of the May 1 decision deadline. So first-come, first-served appointments for freshman fall enrollment is dependent on paying your deposit ASAP, at that school.
  12. Timely topic. I'm interested as well. I can't quote any specific source, but I've long understood it is seriously frowned upon (fraudulent?) to put down a deposit at more than one college. And schools can/do find out if you've double-deposited but I don't know the mechanics of that. Some colleges DS has been accepted to state they will give you a refund though if you change your mind by a certain date (May 1). So theoretically you can pay a deposit at your first choice, but then cancel and ask for it back (if they do refunds) and pay a deposit at a second college if you do it all before the deadline? I understand the timing is critical - can't have two "active" deposits at the same time . . . ? Curious to hear BTDT experience from others. ETA: Double-depositing feels wrong to me, but here are some links for consideration:
  13. Yes, this one is OOS for us too, but next-door to our state, so we visited, DS has been accepted. Very nice school but might be too small for OP. Its location in Kirksville, MO, is a VERY rural setting, nothing around it for quite some distance (and I say that as someone who grew up in the middle of nowhere). The entire school gives me the feeling of a liberal arts-focused honors department that you might normally find within an honors college at a much larger university. They refer to themselves informally as the "Harvard of the Midwest", FWIW.
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