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Has anyone traveled to Puerto Rico?


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We just returned last night. We stayed at Humacao - Las Palmas - big gated community that came along with our time share switch.


Lots of neat things to do within an hour: Rainforest, Old San Juan, Flamenco Beach - one of the worlds prettiest, and many other things - we were just there for only a week, so that's all we did.


Prices are good. We're used to Aruba, where the prices were exhorbitant - this is in dollars, and is priced as you would find in the states. Funny to see Walmart, etc. - typical stores.


If you get a rental car, please know that they tell you to "just go through" the toll plazas. What you need to do is go to a cash lane and they sell you a card that is preloaded for the tolls. Otherwise you are charged at least 3x the amount you would otherwise pay.

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Thanks all!


We are staying a couple nights on Vieques, so we've already booked a tour of the bioluminescent bay. I can't wait!!!


I'll look up Flamenco Beach. We'll have two days in San Juan and plan to visit Old San Juan. Any must-sees?


Thanks for the toll info! We're definitely renting a car, so that's good info.


dmmetler, do you mean the rainforest was different, or the overall experience? :)

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The whole experience-but also, I have a kid who is crazy about reptiles and amphibians. I think she'd find 6 foot lizards sunning themselves in trees pretty cool :)


That's right, I remember reading that she is really interested in lizards and snakes and all the creepy-crawlies that give most of us the shivers!


I remember reading in the reviews of the wildlife refuge tour and the rainforest hikes that there are lots of different lizards. I think the wildlife refuge even has an iguana-specific tour. Oh, here it is :) :



(We're just taking a regular tour, though!)

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We just got back tonight from a 3.5 day trip to San Juan.  My DH had a conference and with grandparents' help, I got to tag along.  We saw Old SJ (fun!), the beach (amazing!), and Santurce Market (NOT worth your time).  We wish we had longer as we didn't get to the rainforest or the other parts of the island.  But perhaps another time!

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