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  1. Yes, there is a big difference between hormonal replacement therapy and the estrogen cream used vaginally to treat localized symptoms. Replacement therapy dosages have been linked to cancer and other worrisome outcomes, and many also take progesterone to help prevent some of those outcomes. Localized treatment of estrogen does not need progesterone, and studies do not find an increase in estrogen blood levels when using low doses. Therefore it won't help with most menopausal symptoms, but it does help with the dryness and thinning vaginal tissues associated with loss of estrogen in that area. UTIs happen because the tissues can get irritated from almost anything including urinating and underwear, let alone sex, and the bacteria take advantage. The estrogen thickens the tissues again and greatly reduces the irritation.
  2. I have used it for several years now and I like it the best of the alternatives. I tried the ring first (ordered from Canada at 1/3 the price) but it wasn't enough to address my symptoms. I thought about trying the dissolving pellets but I really hated the idea of the disposable applicator and all that stupid plastic just going to waste. I like the cream the best because it is the most controllable regarding dosage and I wanted to be able to use the least I could get away with. The cream does have the highest dose of estrogen out of the alternatives though, just so you know. My mother had hormone sensitive breast cancer, and even though these types of estrogen aren't supposed to be systemic (and I found no studies showing an actual link to increased cancer), educated guessing says they might find a link at some point and best to use as little as possible to relieve symptoms. You take a higher dose at first and then decrease it a bunch to a dose that works for you. Oh, I also get the synthetic rather than the Premarin. I just hate, really hate, how they torture horses to get the estrogen for the natural kind. One case where natural isn't better. It was very helpful with my UTIs and other symptoms. Very good stuff. Editing to add some people can get away with using Replens. My gyn suggested trying that first, but it didn't cut it for me.
  3. I'm always tickled by the posts that mention a stain on something but say it's easily removed with a little cleaning. Um, then why didn't you do it? Did you really never even lightly clean it?
  4. Personally I would ask for a lung cancer screening for any lingering cough. It almost certainly isn't, but I have a close friend who was ridiculously healthy, and never smoked who was diagnosed after a lingering cough. She tells everyone she knows to reply when asked if they smoke in a screening question, "I would like the same screening as if I answered yes to that." Fastest growing group of people diagnosed are non-smokers.
  5. I had a toddler and a baby then, and I purposely avoided the news. Certainly didn't watch, and only read a few articles. Looking back I'm glad I did because I wasn't traumatized. I was sad for awhile, but I didn't get really upset until awhile later when I did read some emotional stories. Even now I generally avoid the heart tugging angles, and I don't regret it. I don't live near affected places, and didn't lose anyone close to me, so I was able to stay untraumatized both then and now. I feel kind of heartless saying that, but I needed to protect myself because I am sometimes prone to soaking up way too much.
  6. I watched I'm Sorry awhile ago and thought it was really funny. I had to ponder her character and why it threw me for a loop at first. I think it was because she looks like a typical gorgeous female lead in a sitcom who tend to be pretty feminine, and her character is just not really that, lol. I am surprised there weren't more episodes. Just finished Happy Endings, too. Agreed it was better than Friends. Still liked New Girl the best of the young adult friend group comedies I've seen so far.
  7. Six months was our rule after getting license for driving anyone but us and for riding with a newly licensed friend. Son was 16 when he got his license and he was a good driver but we figured at his age he could benefit from the practice driving alone before adding anyone else. Edit to say it might have been three months for him to drive someone, but I know it was six months for him to ride with newly licensed friend.
  8. Availability depends on the state. I live in the midwest, and I've been camping a bunch at different state parks this spring and summer. I don't make reservations - I just show up and pick my site and then reserve - and I've had no trouble finding nice sites. I go during the week because weekends are a different story, but even then, a couple of times I decided to camp on a Friday night and have found openings at the smaller, more remote parks. I can check availability online to make sure there are spots which is helpful. A few years ago we did a northern CA trip and rented a camper van in San Francisco. It was great, but I had to do the "set your alarm, have two people on computers trying the second it opened" thing to make sure we had spots at the state parks we wanted. All spots were literally gone in three minutes. I'm sure it's even worse now.
  9. Same conversation in our house, lol. I love camping - he can take it or leave it - so our deal is he gets his Lightning and I'll get a fiberglass trailer and we'll camp that way.
  10. By the time it cools off enough in the evening to sit out in our backyard, the mosquitos are in full force. I've tried a couple of times and have been chased back in within two minutes. If I was determined, I'd set up a fan to blow them away but taking it in and out seems like a pain. I really hope we can get my much longed for screened porch in before next summer, but we'll see.
  11. I don't use it, but I realize there isn't an established scientific reason not to. It's just one of those things that make me go hmmm. I use stainless steel pans and cast iron and it's nice there are easy options to avoid non-stick. Maybe it's perfectly fine, don't know, but it just strikes me as one of those things that years from now when we have more data we'll be like, what were we thinking? I feel the same about micro plastics (might not be much bad data now, but could very well be in the future), but there aren't as easy options to avoid those since they are everywhere.
  12. With Ottakee taking a bit of a board break, I thought I'd carry on and see how folks are doing. I've been getting hours with camping and am at 683. I am hopeful that I'll be able to keep up my camping for the next couple of months (I generally try for a couple of days a week), and if so, I should hit 1000 by the end of October. I'm already eying my swag on the website! But not purchasing yet since we all know life has a way of upending things. I've had some pretty major family crises this year, and being out camping has been the best thing for my mental health. My mother told me about the Japanese concept of "forest bathing" and it fits. I love to set up my comfy reclining camp chair facing a pretty view and just soak it all in with all my senses. I quit going to my therapist because it was interfering with good camping weather, lol. How is everyone else doing?
  13. I have had the best luck over the years by writing a letter documenting everything with dates and names, even if first names, and sending it to someone high up in the corporation, but not the very top. For example, we recently had a months long nightmare experience with Costco. Yes Costco - we were shocked, lol. Anyway, we sent a letter to the Vice President of our region, and got a call back from the corporate head of computer sales (it was a computer warranty issue). It still took some time to resolve, but it did get worked out with much apologizing on their part. I go online to look up names and titles so I know who to send the letter to. Documenting is key - they take you much more seriously. The minute I suspect something is going to be an issue, I try and remember to start documenting. Editing to add in this particular case, we also opened a case with the state attorney general's office when we sent the letter, which, I'm sure, helped get their attention. We aren't quick to do that, but the months of unbelievable bs we went through beforehand was jaw dropping.
  14. Young adult son might, but I hope he doesn't. He has untreated mental health issues that would make parenting difficult. Young adult daughter says no - doesn't want to be pregnant, is pessimistic about the world, and also has some mental health issues. Even though hers are treated and less serious than her brother's, I also think she would struggle with the demands of good parenting, and I'm totally good if neither have them.
  15. Back when I was still a believer, I had a hard time finding progressive materials for my kids. I know the author of Holy Troublemakers and Unconventional Saints, and she and her husband are lovely people. It would have been great to have had that back then.
  16. I grew up in a strongly anti sex before marriage environment that talked a lot about teen girls having lower drives and thus responsible for setting the boundaries. I remember talking with my high school girlfriend about our boyfriends and we both wondered to each other, "But what if we want to, too?" There was just no discussion about a healthy female sex drive. I was a young woman with a healthy curiosity and drive, and it didn't go well for me. Luckily my boyfriends were never shaming and were quite appreciative, but I certainly felt shame from the messages I got from my religious culture. That was almost 40 years ago, and while I think we have come a long way in addressing female sexuality, in some ways there is still kind of mishmash of mixed messages, especially for younger women.
  17. I think they were willing to take our money and our military hardware for as long as we were willing to give it to them, and they were willing to jump through the hoops to get it, but in the end, not enough supported anti-Taliban thinking to do the hard work necessary to fight it. It's not just about being willing to stand and fight - they have to be willing to do all the necessary logistics and behind the scenes work to maintain a coordinated military (like feed them regularly). I think there was a lot of corruption and a lot who signed up for a paycheck, and when push came to shove, they weren't invested enough to fight back. I don't know if a lot are pro Taliban so much as not anti, and the cost for being anti is too high right now. I do feel terrible for the women and girls who had some hope only to have it snatched away, but I don't think that's mostly our fault. It's mostly the fault of the men in their country who don't support female rights enough. I also think that there were plenty of powerful people in our country who were happy to supply the military with all the hardware they were willing to buy, and plenty of people in our gov'ts who were fooling themselves by thinking things were going well because lots and lots of money was being made by their friends in the private sector by thinking that. I can't even imagine how much money the private industrial military complex made off this fiasco (and how many jobs are waiting in the same business for those in gov't/military when they leave).
  18. I can't think of a vegetable I don't like. However I generally leave bell peppers and celery out of recipes I make myself. I can munch on them raw but don't love them in other foods. Dh isn't a big fan of those either so easier to just leave them out but I won't avoid a dish that has them if eating out. There are several fruits I don't like though. Papaya, lichee fruit, tamarind, and I cannot choke down rhubarb even to be polite.
  19. Keep an eye on his neurological symptoms anyway. My father fell and hit his head. He got scanned and was fine. A couple of weeks later he started drifting when he was walking and another scan showed a significant subdural hematoma. They can be slow bleeds.
  20. Good. I never jumped on the Cuomo bandwagon, and I shivered when folks were floating him as presidential material back in the early covid days. I don't know what it is about swaggering, brash, egotistical males that sets some hearts aflutter politically, but these guys should not be near power. They shine for two seconds in severe crises because we love to feel like someone is is control, and then they go back to wrecking lives and abusing their power.
  21. Very true. I petted a carpenter bee yesterday on my Caryopteris shrub because I couldn't resist.
  22. I just stick them in the freezer whole. They are a bit more mushy than slices after thawing, but they are great in smoothies or cold peach soup or anything in which they are blended. A bonus is the skin comes off easily if you just run the frozen peach under water briefly. I take the skin off and then use a knife to cut sections off the pit and toss in the blender. Very easy.
  23. PokeRaid is a good app for raiding.
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