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  1. My father, who moved and didn’t have space for a garden anymore! He gave me a solar panel and car battery too, and it’s been working well for several years now. Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful.
  2. After trying many things and types of fencing, the only thing that works consistently for me is an electric fence.
  3. It’s interesting that protesters are targeting Gov Whitmer in MI, but Dr. Amy Acton in Ohio. Gov DeWine has faced some, but Dr. Acton has taken, by far, the brunt to the point that armed protesters are in front of her house. I know there is plenty more going on here besides sexism, but you can’t convince me it isn’t playing a part. Is it particularly enraging for some who don’t want anyone to be the boss of them to have a woman be the boss of them?
  4. I saw someone tweet in response, “God made all of my body, but I still wear pants.”
  5. I was surprised to see that guns were allowed in the building, which led me to research other state laws. I found this: I admit, I’m shocked. And for the life of me, I don’t understand why open carry laws are so much more relaxed in many places than concealed carry.
  6. They do, but unlike their regular cast iron one, those are made in China. I went back and forth between their enameled and non-enameled, but that pushed me over to the non. I’m a bit suspicious of non-stick and enameled stuff anyway, and decided I didn’t feel comfortable with what might have ended up in it. My non has been great.
  7. There is the question, “why live”? Then there is the question, “what gives my life meaning”? They are related, but they aren’t the same. To dig down deeper and answer why live, I would (to state the obvious) say that the question becomes harder when one is depressed. On one hand, one has to answer it enough in the positive to stay alive, but depression affects the thinking processes enough to make seeing the positive more difficult. So round one goes, struggling to see the point that is much easier to see when they aren’t depressed. I guess I would say that the question why live for someone experiencing depression is best answered by, “because you most likely won’t always struggle with answering that question.” If you can believe only that you almost certainly won’t always feel this way (particularly if you haven’t had a lifetime of depression already), you can stay alive long enough to answer the question better later. Editing to add, that isn’t necessarily directed at you, regentrude. I don’t know what exactly you are struggling with, so I’m answering more in general about depression and living.
  8. That was just beautiful, Mercy. Now you’ve done your part to make the world a better place today! Well done.
  9. Just wanted to say that those are biblical themes, yes, but they can also be found in other belief systems. Not to mention, as well, that there are other biblical themes that do not follow those. Deciding which themes to emphasize in various belief systems, and which to downplay is important work as well.
  10. Ah, yes, that makes sense. To me, what I mean by “outside” is more some sentient force or deity apart from humans establishing purpose and meaning for us. But yes, it is outside us in that we get meaning from looking beyond our own selfishness to our connections with each other and the natural world. We can find meaning in making the world better for our fellow creatures and for those who come after us, even in small ways.
  11. I have read it, though it’s been awhile. I agree with anyone who says it is important to have meaning and purpose in your life. I disagree, though, that it has to come from a deity. I understand those who think a deity gives it whether you believe or not. I just disagree that one must have a faith in a deity to have meaning and purpose (and I can’t remember if he argues that or not-I think not).
  12. As an unbeliever, I think it is up to us to find meaning in our lives. I don’t think there is an outside “purpose”, but that doesn’t mean our lives are meaningless. I find contentment and peace in being loved and loving others, and I also find it in being aware of moments of beauty. I find deep meaning in knowing I am connected to other people and other things in this world - that I am a part of life. I am not a type A sort, so I’m not driven to achieve a lot. I am content to be remembered as someone who was kind and who left the world a better place. That’s my purpose, along with enjoying and experiencing things that bring me and those I love pleasure. Just looking out for myself makes no sense to me, even just from a practical view, because it doesn’t bring happiness. Being useful and loving and being loved brings happiness. Why wouldn’t I want to do the things that make for a full and beautiful life? I should add that I have never experienced depression. I am closely tied to someone who is right now, though, and it is a whole ‘nother ball of wax. Easy for me to talk about contentment and peace with the little things when I’ve never really struggled with depression. Editing to add, though, that even this loved one who is struggling finds moments of beauty helpful in fighting back despair. Finding a way to be useful to others while still taking care of herself also helps.
  13. I hear you about struggling to help keep young adults with mental health issues from going completely under. I wish I didn’t, but I do. Loud and clear. Hugs.
  14. Seems to me, a 20-25% chance of ending up in the hospital is not low risk. What other activities have that high a risk of hospitalization if you do them over a couple of weeks? It only seems low risk compared to other age groups with higher rates of hospitalization. Editing to add I agree with the above 😄. Posting at the same time.
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