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  1. Yes, I’ve gotten infections, too. An over the counter antibiotic cream helps clear them up quickly. I do think mine is seborrheic dermatitis rather than eczema. I tried dandruff shampoo though, and it irritated my canals so bad they got inflamed even more, especially if I tried to scrub them, too. My dh has had luck with that, though. I have super sensitive skin, and he doesn’t, so that might be the difference.
  2. FWIW, my dermatologist said over the counter 1% hydrocortisone is fine to use daily for several weeks. My own research agreed with that, with some reputable sources suggesting even longer. Regardless, I have only needed it for a couple of days at a time to deal with the worst symptoms. It is the only thing I have found to help the symptoms, but it doesn’t seem to make them disappear permanently. They just come and go.
  3. Yes, both dh and I probably have this, though we haven’t been formally diagnosed. When our ear canals are bad, they split, peel in sheets, weep, and sometimes itch. Otherwise, they are dry and flaky. What I found most helpful is an over-the-counter hydrocortisone cream used daily in the canal for awhile, and then a gentle, regular lotion. I have to try hard to stop myself from picking at them. Also, using my earbuds makes things worse. They have slowly gotten better over the past year or so, and I only use the hydrocortisone occasionally now with a flare up. I have read that a reaction to shampoo can cause trouble with some people, so you might want to try changing. That wasn’t the issue with me. My ear canals do better when I am diligent about the cream and lotion, but they revert to dry and flaky with flare ups when I forget, so they aren’t really healing. It’s more like a chronic condition I’ve been managing for several years now.
  4. Another vote for pothos. They are super forgiving. Mine are in draining pots set inside decorative, non-draining pots. They end up growing roots out the bottom of their inner pot and then live in the water left in the decorative pot, but can also manage drought. They would love the south facing bookcase, and would grow down nicely. Two of mine are now over twenty feet long. I just train them all around things, but you can trim them, too. One actually has tendrils and is climbing our wall. Editing to add mine are in areas from high, indirect light to low light and flourish.
  5. Dh and I play Pokémon Go, and our college kids are both amused and embarrassed. Son sent me a picture he took of a huge line waiting for the game store close to his school to open.
  6. I kept reading great things about The Good Place, (Netflix) but watched the first two episodes and thought meh. Husband encouraged me to keep trying, so I did, and I love it.
  7. Yes, I try hard not to discuss it. I never bring it up. (Editing to add with those who are hurt by it). My mother, also a conservative Christian, finds it much easier to shrug and say she doesn’t know but she trusts in a loving God. People who wrestle deeply with the problem of evil and the problem of the hiddeness of God nowadays often end up agnostic in my experience, but I quickly acknowledge my bias there. When you can see that the traditional answers believers often give to those problems no longer work for the questioner, and they aren’t able to just shrug and say I don’t understand but that’s okay, it’s not looking good for belief. Then again, RHE had a entire career built around her faith, which can be a lot of incentive to go so far and no further. Though my loss of faith was personally tough, my costs outside of that were few. My dh had already lost his, and my children, despite my huge efforts, were not really believers. My community of friends were very diverse; they loved me for me and couldn’t care less about my religion or lack there of. I had no income source based on it. My folks watched me struggle for years, and though I didn’t process much with them and certainly never made an announcement or anything, they knew and had time to gradually deal with it. We are also otherwise close, so that helps. My outcome may very well have been different if my costs were higher. I don’t know. Also, nothing wrong with having your cake and eating it, too!
  8. I ended up a nonbeliever, but I would be thrilled to find out there actually was a loving deity after all (though there would be questions asked of this deity!) I know how hard I tried to hang onto my faith, and I know how many times I prayed for help with my unbelief to no avail. I am at peace that if there is a loving deity out there, it knows all that and would welcome me. However, my situation has caused much grief for my conservative Christian father who tells me over and over, “Out of all my kids, you are the most Christian-like in your values. I just don’t understand how you can reject God.” To which I reply over and over, “ I have never rejected God. I just can’t make myself believe a loving one exists anymore.” And round we go. I hate that his view of his deity makes him think I will be punished for my unbelief, and I have tried to gently point out that a loving deity would know how hard I tried, and who knows, maybe for unknown reasons that deity wants me in this position, but he can’t wrap his mind around that. It has to be my fault, because a loving deity would help me believe if I asked. And round we go. I did read RHE, and while I settled much further from her positions, I appreciated her stands. I think she did much to make some Christians kinder and gave hope to many who were struggling. Still does.
  9. Most common treatment would be pairing relaxation techniques with the feared activity. It’s great you are still driving, because avoiding might make it worse. That strongly suggests this will be temporary. Practicing deep breathing and mental checks of your body to physically relax yourself while driving helps. Your anxiety is your body trying to keep you safe after danger, so acknowledging that and thanking your body is good. Fighting the anxiety-producing thoughts can be unhelpful. Instead acknowledge them and then try and gradually go beyond them with more realistic thoughts like I am a skilled driver and was able to use my skills to avoid making that accident worse. Practicing deep breathing and relaxation apart from driving makes it easier to do while driving. It can be really short - just a few minutes a day. For more paired relaxation, you can try listening to certain calming music while doing your deep breathing and then also playing that in the car. Lots of people find a calming app useful. It is traumatic to be reminded that we are all just one unavoidable second away from disaster while driving. This is doubly true when we are driving children. However, this reality was true before your near miss and you managed to drive without this much anxiety before. Being reminded can serve as a wake up call, which can be turned into a good thing (I now can use that experience to be more present etc). Nothing has changed danger wise. If anything you are in less danger now, having been given that wake up call so it’s possible to see it as something to be grateful for.
  10. Some people need attention like others need heroin. I put both him and his wife in that category. What better way than to go in yet another unexpected direction. I have little doubt that time will bring yet another unexpected yet attention getting swerve, not coincidently around the time that he gets labeled as a Christian artist and attention flags. In the meantime, people can closely follow how he and Kim navigate this whole “Christianity” thing in the tabloids. That’s separate from whether the music is any good. I have no issue with people appreciating the album.
  11. I know a family friend with ms. For her, there was a link with celiac, and she got some relief following a celiac diet. I have no idea what other treatment she used as well.
  12. There was a stalemate that seemed to be working. It was far from ideal, but it was working. There was a buffer zone that Turkey didn’t like, but the Kurds were protected. Clearly Turkey decided it was worth it to break that stalemate. I put it squarely on the US that Turkey thought that, The US could have made it very clear that it would not be acceptable, and that it would cost Turkey too much to do it. Instead, the US shrugged and cleared the way for it to happen.
  13. I don’t know for sure, but I lean bilateral and no reconstruction. I am an A cup now, at 54, and I purposefully design my wardrobe to be able to go bra less as often as I can. Being flat with no bra sounds really good to me. I would probably still get something for t shirts and such, but I would certainly accelerate my bra less wardrobe choices.
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