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  1. I am reasonably optimistic about COVID-19. It will be bad, but will get manageable in the next year or so. I am much less optimistic about climate change. It’s not that the changes will make our planet unliveable. We could adapt and care for each other as a species. But we won’t, and I think the changes are going to plunge us into wars over resources and refugees. It’s not the planet that will doom us, it’s our reaction to the changes. Our greed and stubbornness and denial and refusal to sacrifice for the good of others are the problems. The US took nursing babies from the arms of their m
  2. After the financial crisis in 2008, we went to a credit union out of big bank protest and stayed because of the awesomeness. Anyone can join, and we never looked back.
  3. I’m not sure what the solution is, but what we are doing now isn’t going to work anymore, IMO. If one party holds the Senate and the other the Presidency, will there ever even be hearings? Seems to me the norm now is simply naked power. If you can block it, you do. If there is a vacancy 1 1/2 years out from an election under those circumstances, does anyone think the Senate would agree to hearings? Certainly not one year, since that has been set. Two years? Ever? Let’s face it, the Rs have already set the tone, and the Ds are so mad I think the rank and file would draw and quarter a D Senate t
  4. Ha, you are asking the most technologically ignorant person around. All I know is it’s a media streaming platform, but I leave how it actually shows up on my TV to my dh. We do have Apple TV, so maybe it comes with that? I’m sure someone can answer better.
  5. Anyone else watch this? It’s on Apple TV+. Dh suggested it, and I read the premise and shrugged. Sounded okay but not great and kind of stereotypical. I love it. It is so good at taking stereotypical characters/situations and developing them into something so beautiful. It’s hilarious, too. Lots of f bombs for those bothered by that, but overall just heartwarming and lovely.
  6. I don’t want to share too many details, but I have an upper 90s family member with terrible short term memory. She lives by herself, but a family member is over part of every day helping her with various things. She is adamant that she doesn’t want to move, though she would get better care if she would. We all decided that wandering would be the final straw to make her move, but other than that, we will try and do our best to care for her at home, even if it’s not ideal. If we make her move into one of our homes or into a facility, we know she will quickly deteriorate and die. A new place will
  7. I would not in those circumstances, but that’s our family. I don’t think it would be wrong or anything, but I would not unless we really needed the money.
  8. When I was young, my parents didn’t have a lot of money, but by the time I was in high school, they did. They have always been good at living within their means, though Dad spent some on fancy playthings. They could afford it though. Financial security was always important to both of them. Dad also made some poor investments, but always with extra money he could afford to lose. They taught us how to live within our means and the importance of saving. They would discuss money in front of us. They spent a lot of money on us for education and experiences, but they didn’t spend a lot on things lik
  9. I agree with those who call it grooming, though it’s stretching the term. Even though they aren’t trying to set the girls up for future sexual acts to meet their own sexual needs, they are setting the girls up to act in sexual ways for their own artistic needs. They might not be sexual needs, but they are needs nonetheless that aren’t in the girls’ best interest.
  10. I agree that if I saw red flags, I’d say something. But a gut feeling isn’t a red flag, IMO. Our gut feelings can be shaped by our own issues for better or worse. I wouldn’t ignore what you are feeling, but I wouldn’t act on it either. Tuck it away and see if anything adds or subtracts from it. In the meantime, there is nothing wrong with asking her general questions about her relationship goals to help her clarify her own thoughts and feelings, but unless you have more to go on, I would not speak up, personally.
  11. My dh was like that around my family for years. They’d try and engage him to get to know him and he’d give one word answers and generally rebuff those attempts. He was very quiet around them. Luckily my parents could see that he treated me amazingly well and never made it an issue except for occasionally asking me if they had done something to offend him. We’ve been ridiculously happy together for 28 years. He’s pretty reserved around anyone he doesn’t know, but nothing like he is with my folks. To this day, I still don’t know why he is so guarded with them, but I’ve given up trying to underst
  12. There were pictures according to Michael Cohen, though he did not specify they involved the pool boy - just racy photos. Interesting story there involving endorsement timelines and such. Feel free to google.
  13. Yeah, like I said...And I’m sure there’s more that will keep trickling out.
  14. Saw a meme today that I can’t find now. Shows Arnold Schwarzenegger in some movie role sitting in front of a mirror looking extremely serious and fierce as he picks up black coal and draws war paint marks on his face. Caption says “Conway family therapist preparing for a session.” Yep.
  15. Oh, also I turned the ones I didn’t freeze whole into cold peach soup and froze that. No heat required, just a blender. Peaches, a touch of lime juice, touch of vanilla, coconut milk, and mango nectar. Bit of honey if needed. Good by itself or served with sliced strawberries and a little mint.
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