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Suzuki Parents - 4 mo break or bring violins on int'l flights?


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We get to go to Germany for 4 months for dh's job! :hurray:


My older dds (10) have been playing Suzuki violin for 4 years.  They like it, but don't love it, and it often is a battle to get them to practice.  They are only in the second half of Book 2.  This summer they took a bit of a break... just reviewing Book 1/2 songs and taking fiddle classes from a Suzuki teacher. 


We leave for Germany soon, and I am trying to decide if it is worth it to take their violins.  I've heard it can be such a hassle flying with instruments.  With our other dd (2) in tow, the older girls would be responsible for carrying their violins and a backpack as carry-ons. 


Has your child ever taken a break from Suzuki?  Did they regress considerably?


We would take the violins to continue Book 1/2 review, and to learn to read music with I Can Read Music, vol 1 and 2.



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I wonder if having something familiar to work on in a different environment would be comforting in a way? Even if it is something they are a bit ho-hum over.


I have flown with my violin and it fits perfectly in the overhead. People tended to go out of their way to make sure it was not jostled or bumped.


(Have a wonderful trip! Keep us posted!)

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Dh's job brings us overseas for 9-10 weeks every year, and we bring Wee Girl's (one-sixth size) cello on the flight, in the overhead compartment. We're careful and attentive at security and on the plane, and haven't had any problems. Wee Girl is younger than your girls and has no difficulty carrying her own cello strapped to her back (I take it for escalators and dense crowds). Surely violins couldn't be too hard. There are Youtube videos to help you pack your instrument for travel.


Four months seems like a long break in practice. Can they skype Suzuki lessons while abroad? Wee Girl's teacher suggested that and it's worked out.

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Traveling with violins is easy-peasey. Just have each child carry her violin on board as her "personal item".  She can ALSO bring a carry-on.


Honestly, it's no big shakes. 


My son flies with his guitar routinely as his personal item. Airlines are actually very nice about it.


Loosen the strings a bit before packing the instruments for the flights. Just in case. 




ps. Yes, we were Suzuki parents and now have three mature musicians . . . We always brought instruments on trips. It is a hassle, but it is worthwhile. If nothing else, it affirms your value on daily practice -- sending a strong message to the kids. 

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