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Who's going to tackle Friday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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  • Kids up & out to school.  [done]

Clean bathrooms, kitchen, and some clutter.  [done]

Exercise.  [done]

Cancel tomorrow's horse riding.  (Miss A's arm hurts.)  [done]

Clean the currently exposed, but usually covered, parts of the stove and fridge.  [done]

Load boxes into the company van.  [done]

Deal with construction guys.


Kids' calendar.

Personal bills, paperwork.

Deal with maids.  (Yesterday they didn't finish a basement room because they were scared of a spider.  Today they're bringing a macho man to finish it up.  :p)

Kids' work.

Family TKD?

Sports store?  They say we should get mouth guards for soccer?

Dinner out.

Watch a DVD together.

LAUNDRY!!  I hope!!

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I'm not sure if this is funny or not.  The construction guys apparently forgot that a laundry room needs a hole for the dryer exhaust.


I am sure they will fix it, but will it really be done today???  They promised!  If not, the laundromat will be one of my destinations tomorrow.  :/


They also didn't do the floor in there.  Not sure what that's about either.  I want to have confidence that they know what they are doing, but ....

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Hi all! Cleaners come today AND it is monthly shopping weekend. I'm exhausted already. . .


Exercise - done!

School - 

Laundry (running out of detergent so not sure how much I'll get done before I run to the store tonight) - 

Library books put on hold for next week - 

Finish shopping lists - 

Find library book that the 4yo lost -


Have a great day everyone!! 

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Good morning

- make dentist appointment- done

- school work- did A&P journal and last discussion response, final responses for Stats and psych, one stat assignment finished

- dishes- done

- go to dd1's school and work on auction book- done

- bring dd1 home with me- done

- stop at store for a couple things- done

- tidy house- round 1 done

- laundry- load in dryer

- dinner- done

- baths- not needed

- bedtime routine

- anything else I get done

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OK so we now have a floor and a dryer exhaust hole in the laundry room.  Also electricity and a light.  So far so good.


I have a very bad headache despite taking Tylenol.  Not so good.


Boss decided it was necessary to have an unscheduled conference call for which I was unprepared.  I know that is nothing new around here.  But with a splitting headache, and at a time/place where there are numerous loud unavoidable noises?  Ugh.  This stuff stresses me out and exhausts me.


And in the middle of all of that, the maids show up (an hour early) to do the spider room, and they want me to explain exactly what we want done in there.  While I'm on the conference call.  We did talk about this yesterday, and I thought it was pretty self-explanatory anyway, but whatever.


Kids will be home shortly.  Maids are here.  Construction guys are here.  Boss is here.  So much for my hopes of practicing our TKD form this afternoon.  :/

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Ugh.  So my kids get home from school and decide that with all these people in the house, they might as well disobey and disrespect me.  Surprisingly, this does not fly, so a certain person is in her bedroom crying.  Which of course everyone can hear.  Who needs privacy anyway?


I am sick of not even being able to go to the bathroom without everyone hearing.


Oh, and I just found out that we're having house guests in about a week.  The maids were asking about moving something in the guest room, and I'm like, why does it need to be moved?  Oh, because you guys are having house guests for a week and a half.  We are??  Who?  :/  Hmm, I hope we have flushing toilets when they are here.  :/


Amazingly, I did get some work done today.  But I can't say it's been a good day.  :/

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Happy to say that my laundry facilities are running, at least for now.  I have washed 5 loads.  There is no place to hang the clothes (we used to have a closet in our old laundry room), so I will have to research a solution for that.


They were supposed to finish the bedrooms today.  But they didn't quite finish, and they left a roomful of furniture in inconvenient places, blocking two more rooms from use.  There is now only one room that is usable on the 2nd floor of the house.  I don't know when they are going to come and finish.


Now I had better go to bed so I can get up in advance of tomorrow's soccer game.  :P

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