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Who's going to tackle Wednesday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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Good morning! I have had a slow start this morning. Regular day here.


To do:

school for all

chores for all

school administration work

plan more for next year

sports administration


general pick up

PM practice/aikido

errands during practice/bank/Trader Joe's


Have a great day!

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Howdy!  Today is a better day so far (possibly because I started in with the Tylenol when I woke up - I usually avoid popping pills, but suffering is not a virtue either).  I got a little work out, and hope to have a productive day.


The list:

  • Take out the garbage.  [done]
  • Get the kids up & ready for Theater Camp, including breakfast & lunches.  [done]
  • Drive kids to theater camp.  [done].
  • Clean car clutter.  [done]
  • Clean yard clutter.  [done]
  • Clean bathrooms, kitchen, and some house clutter.  [done]
  • Make kids' list of work for today.  [done]
  • Work until 4:45pm.  [done]
  • Take work breaks for:
    • a little exercise  [done]
    • a little reading  [done]
    • a little housework  [done]
    • pick up kids from camp  [done]
  • Kids to swim team (walk around track while they swim).  [done]
  • Kids' science experiment.  [started]
  • Dinner.  [done]
  • Read-aloud.  [done]
  • Finish kids' science experiment.  [tomorrow]
  • Maybe some kids' math?  [not much]
  • Put together kids' shelves?  [nope]
  • Kids to bed.  [done]
  • Work until midnight.
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A bit worried about dd today---she has been experiencing a reflux flare (breakthrough heartburn, nausea, loss of appetite) for the past 10 days, or so I thought. The pain is not where it should be but is instead in her lower right abdomen. She has a doctor appointment in three hours.


So until then, I'm doing my regular things while she works on her outsourced class work. We'll fit in the chemistry, math, history, and APA Human Geo wherever possible.



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I'm having trouble concentrating today so you'll have to bear with me writing everything out bit by bit to keep myself on track.  Coping devices:  they're great!  


Human care done and I'm having a really good hair day.

Pet care done

Dd delivered to academic testing

Ds and I chose a gluten place to eat for lunch.  (reminder to self:  when I pick dd up for lunch, remember to go to compound  pharmacy and library and to pick up uncooked corn tortillas)


Next:  go through refrigerator so that we don't get dive-bombed by leftovers every time we open the door.


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Feeling better - dare I hope this month is going to be better than last month?  I dare!


Today was a nice day.  Got some work done, ate right, got more exercise than usual, kept up with the house, no major drama (so far), kids had a great day and are in great moods.  :)

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