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brands matter . . . .


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I'm going to be leaving an uber nasty product review on amazon. . . . uber nasty.

it's scary how MUCH BETTER I feel today!!!! SCARY!  that's how bad I had gotten in just a couple weeks.


anyway, I have a genetic predisposition to depression/anxiety etc.  (know the specific gene.)  I prefer supplements to rx. . . .(still do.)  I had tried the max dose on the bottle of 5-htp, and after some more reading from others experience, doubled it - THEN I started feeling better.   then my dr told me I could safely take even more than that.  (didn't feel a need.)


anyway, I was happy with NOW.  (brand), but  . . .  it had a few incidentals I was meh, do I really want this?, so I switched brands to one that seemed decent, and only had 5-htp.  mistake. big HUGE Mistake! I just didn't feel right, I increased my dose, I introduced a dose in the am as well as pm . . I thought, okay, I'm not buying this brand again (but my cheap self thought I'd finish the bottle.) . . my ability to function kept getting worse.  I finally reordered my usual brand (and threw out the other one) - and I only got that yesterday.  I was still struggling last night - but I took regular brand before I went to bed.  I woke in the middle of the night - feeling BETTER than I have.  feeling far more "myself".  motivated with the ability to function.  even with inadequate sleep last night - I've been more functional today than I have been since I started this other brand.


it's scary just how much that other supposed decent brand shut down my ability to function - and make me want to just collapse in a puddle.  (and eat sugar.  lots of sugar. today - I'm fine.)


so - brand's matter.  (and yes, same for rx.  I have side effects with generics I don't have with the brand name.)

I feel better now.  It's good to feel better.



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I have learned so much about good manufacturing processes and supplements to know that brand does indeed matter. I stick with (and reccomend) a small handful I have researched and feel confident in. There are so many out there, I can't research them all and luckily don't have to.

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when I walked into the compounding pharmacy my son's ND sent me to for injection supplies, and they only sold THREE brands . . . . I knew what I could most trust.  NOW, Kirkman - - - and Thorne.  emerald laboratories (current multi and b-complex. while I'm happy - I'm open to something better), and rainbowlight (I may look over their site for their adult formulae.) are also decent. ds's ND approved of their gummy vitamins for dudeling - and I saw improvement with him when he took them.  then he asked for a "swallow pill".


If I had an infinite budget, everything would probably be thorne (what my - and most-  ND prefers.  no flow agent.  if you've ever had it on your fingers, you'd know why she doesn't like it. it doesn't come off - and it's a powder. and it's in something we ingest?)


I generally like NOW (except for the flow agent), but there are formulas I have reservations on and will look at other brands.  (which is why I ended up with the brand-that-shall-get-an-uber-nasty-amazon-review.)

for MTHF - I won't ever consider any brand but thorne. (I've a couple other things I've added to my list - and they're thorne.) while we do have rx for higher doses (rx is lots cheaper per mg.) - I confess to wondering about them . . . I should be able to trust a rx right?  RIGHT?

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Good to know NOW is a good brand. I really like what I use. 


Can you share what sup you are taking?  I had my dd on the L-tryp and a few other things for anxiety. 


for anxiety and depression (genetic predisposition that also seriously impacts my ability to use b-vitamins - and they are needed for many things.)

emerald laboratories b-healthy (good brand, bioavailable forms and that matters!. open to other brands if something better comes along.)

NOW - 5-htp   I take 400mg per day.  my DO told me I could take 600mg a day if needed. (3x what the label on the bottle says).  I didn't notice anything at 200mg, and was about to stop, until reading others experiences and the suggestion to increase the dose.  I could feel the difference.  NOW comes in 50mg, 100mg, and 200mg capsules.

maybe I'll switch to Thorne. one of the reasons I use NOW instead of thorne - I can do subscribe and save on amazon. (and they're cheaper.  the ONLY two reasons I use NOW instead of thorne.)


d3  - believe it or not, d3 makes a big difference for moods.   (USRDA of 400IUs is a *joke*.  it should be MUCH higher. it dates from when it was thought the only thing d3 did was make stronger bones and rickets was a too common problem.  rickets occurs around d3 levels of 7. d3 levels should be sub-basement minimum of 30. 50 is better.)  I take 4,000IUs daily


pro-15 probiotic.  if you've ever dealt with yeast overgrowth - you know it affects moods.


and my MTHF - Thorne.  my DO, knew enough to test me   (I probably will switch over to an ND for mthf.  after dd's wedding . . . ) the rule about mthf - START SMALL!!!! and slowly increase.  if you don't need it, it won't hurt you as it's just folate, but if you do need it . . . oh. my. goodness - what a difference.  it you get too much for you - there can be side-effects. 

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I'm reading this thread and taking notes. But what is MTHF?


MethylTetraHydroFolate (-reductase will also appear at the end.  sometimes L5, or 5 at the beginning.)  :D - it's related to a gene. - and is a form of folate most beneficial for those with a defect on the particular gene which reduces their ability to use folate (and why they absolutely should *avoid* folic acid.  which as been added to so many foods. . . .)


believe it or not, I could say the full name before I finally got the acronym in the right order.

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