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audio of Narnia

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So disappointed! My dh (who loves audio books) has the Narnia CD's. We are visiting Narnia this summer and imagine my disappointment when we turned on the tapes and they DON'T match up to the books. grrr. They are dramatized. They summarize passages, skip others, and completely leave off passages that tell thought or background. When someone speaks with excitement the tapes only say what the character says, with the infliction.

I feel like we are missing out on the rich language of the book (is more like listening to a movie instead of reading a good work). the packaging didn't indicate it is am abridged version. I wonder what other books we've listened to and this has happened? Anyone else had this happen?

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I posted on FB once when there was a sale on Rob Inglis's Tolkien readings. One of my friends posted how the BBC version was free online and I should just get that. I responded that that was a *dramatization,* not a reading. She didn't see what the problem was. I was all aghast at the idea of thinking they were interchangeable.

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thanks for the links! when I get to a computer... I'm downloading!


Ok, spill the beans... How do you visit Narnia?!?! :D


And yes, the Harper Audio series is unabridged and wonderful, worth the money. :hurray:

Quite easily. We found THE magic wardrobe at an auction last year... Little did the previous owners know what they had :-)

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I bought the full set where each (unabridged) book is read by a different British actor (including Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellan, and Derek Jacobi)  They were wonderful.


This is what I want - do you know if it's still available?

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